Lancaster County: The one and only


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    1. Dave Carrig

      I do a lot of running on both of those roads!

    2. That’s awesome. A beautiful area. I had a ton of customers in this area. It must be gorgeous right at this time of year.

      I have been running a ton as well here in Poland–I am going for the marathon we are having in Krakow in the spring…I guess I am a bit nuts because will have to train in the freezing frigid Polish winter, but we’ll work it out somehow. Ever do a marathon?

    3. Dave Carrig

      Yep – I’ve done a marathon. I’m getting ready to run a half-marathon in Phili at the end of November. Sure you noticed when you were here – there are some killer hills around. That Spring Garden road is quite tortuous – but its why I go there to run – for the killer inclines…

      I feel for you training in Poland – I hate running in the cold. Thank to Lord for treadmills!

    4. That is a lovely picture. I have never been to that part of the country.

    5. Running strategies in Lancaster Amish country

      Treadmills–that may be the key. Otherwise I could perish. We’ve had negative 30 Celsius, plus the wind and all.

      That is impressive that you have run one. I bet running in Lancaster is great, if you can dodge the traffic I guess–I would have loved to try some of those trails this summer but had that crazy work schedule. Now I am teaching so it is a bit more flexible. If I can ask Dave what is your one best tip for running a marathon?

    6. Dave Carrig

      Eric – I’ll give you a few tips. Start training at least 8 months out from the main marathon you want to run in. On the way – run in as many shorter races as you can, like a 10k or a 2ok. Have one long run of at least 20 miles every two weeks.

      My number one tip – make sure you are wearing good shoes and change em’ out every 200 miles. I wear the Nike Air Pegasus….

    7. Thank you Dave. I am already on a 4 days on, one day off schedule, clocking about 40 miles a week at this point. It’s not until May, and I was afraid I’d be starting too soon (I’d seen some recommendations for starting 4 to 5 months out), but I guess not?

      Wow, every 200 miles? I’d heard 400 but you must really take care of your feet and legs! I’ve got some Asics 1120s that seem to be doing the trick. I mainly have to worry about a knee that was giving me problems in the spring but seems to be fine now.

    8. Nevah

      It helps to join a running or triathlon club. Also, I was able to train 4-5 months.