I arrived Thursday evening in Lancaster County, will be staying with Amish friends here for the next several days.

I was out and about yesterday and snapped a few photos to share. It was a brisk, beautiful morning.

Below are a few of the things I saw. I meant to post this for you yesterday, but let’s just say the internet is limited around here 🙂 :

Before the lights went on.


Things got brighter quickly.


School bells ring at 8:15.


Lancaster County is a rural county but at the same time home to nearly half a million people. The roads buggies share with cars can be busy.


A typical Lancaster farm.


Lancaster County is full of interesting place names. Stumptown is just one of many. Previously home to many trees, perhaps? Anyway, thataway to Stumptown Mennonite Church.


Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop.


The Bank of Bird-in-Hand. This is a recently-opened Amish-backed financial institution we’ve written about here before. Don’t let the modest exterior fool you; in its first year of operations it tallied over $60 million in loans.


A typical Lancaster farm.


Old cemeteries are always interesting to me. You pass them frequently driving around the county. Amish cemeteries typically have a distinct look, often enclosed by a white picket fence.


Barn near a historic mill.


“Downtown” Intercourse. This is the center of tourist activity in the community.


Seen outside a local business. “Denkie fa da gaul sie scheisse uf picka!”

Even if you don’t speak Pennsylvania Dutch, you can probably figure out what that means.


This time in English, outside the Pequea Valley Public Library.


Some clouds on the horizon which suggested to me that snow or something was happening. A few flurries came down near me later in the day, but not too much. It sure felt cold enough for it.

On that note, I have been sleeping in the mostly unheated upstairs of my friend’s home so that means extra blankets and a sleeping cap. I always seem to sleep better in the cold though.


A cupola business, also Intercourse area. I remember stopping in here when selling books in the area, almost ten years ago now. They didn’t buy. But nice cupolas.


Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for all your visits and contributions here. I hope your 2017 is great.

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