Sarasota Magazine is featuring photos of a tiny bungalow that’s just gone up for sale in the Sarasota-area neighborhood of Pinecraft, popular with Amish and Mennonite vacationers and retirees from around the country.

The magazine says this is “unusual as most are sold to friends and neighbors, unadvertised.” You’ll see a couple of photos below, and more at the link.

Below, the exterior shot. The 2-bedroom, 1-bath property is next to the post office and ice cream store (the Big Olaf Creamery store, which you can see about halfway down this 41-photo tour of Pinecraft).

The property is zoned commercial, which the article states could allow the owner to install a small store.

Pinecraft Bungalow

An interior shot of kitchen and living area. Looks Amish-esque, until you notice the TV and electric lighting (living quarters in the neighborhood are equipped with electricity).

Pinecraft Bungalow Interior

Wondering about the price tag? To get your hands on this 600-square-foot property and its 3,000-square-foot lot, you’ll need to dish out $229,000.

According to the article, this makes Pinecraft one of the most expensive locations in the area.

Amish-made cheese

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