The 2023 Amish Mud Sale Schedule (Lancaster County Auction Calendar) [UPDATED]

The Lancaster County mud sale schedule for 2023 is now available, with the first event happening just a month from now.

These Amish-heavy events draw members of the community and outside visitors in support of the local volunteer fire companies. Many have large numbers of Plain volunteers on their rosters.

Purple quilt at Lancaster mud sale
Quilts up for sale at a Lancaster County mud sale. Photo: Lauren Futch

A mud sale is an opportunity to enjoy an Amish-attended auction event, eat tasty auction food, and maybe buy something interesting. Buggies, quilts, farm equipment, crafts, tools, furniture, antiques, horses, and more are sold at mud sales.

A portion of the proceeds from these events go to support the local fire company. So by attending these lively events you’re also supporting the community – specifically an important civic institution supported by both Plain and non-Plain residents.

Why is it called “mud sale”?

The name “mud sale” is rooted in the condition of the area fields due to the spring thaw. The tradition dates back to the 1960s as detailed in this article.

The sales are typically held in farmers’ fields, so if you have muck boots or other suitable shoes, you might want to bring them along, especially if you’re attending a mud sale happening in the actual winter-spring thaw period (the present-day mud sale calendar stretches into the summer and even autumn).

Many of them happen over two days, with different types of sales happening on each day. You’ll see both Amish and non-Amish people in attendance.

These are generally consignment auctions where people bring items for sale, with a percentage of the sale value going to the host fire company. Some of the mud sales have specific themes, like quilts or carriages.

This short video by Mark Pynes/Penn Live gives a great feel for mud sales:

Where do mud sales take place?

This tradition originated in Lancaster County and that is where the bulk of the mud sales take place today (at least one sale happens outside of Lancaster County, at Airville in York County).

Another place which holds an annual benefit sale is the Gratz Fire Company in Gratz, PA (Dauphin County) though I haven’t been able to find info on this year’s sale yet, so it doesn’t yet appear in the list below. UPDATE: I’ve added the info on the Gratz sale below, it is May 5-6. Hat tip to reader Jerry.

This is an annual happening and an important one for the region’s volunteer fire companies, which generate around one-third of their operating budget for the entire year over a single one-or-two-day event. The sales are held at the fire companies on the surrounding grounds.

Amish boys at a mud sale event
Bart Township Fire Company mud sale. Photo: Lauren Futch

In 2023, approximately 20 mud sales are scheduled to take place. Outsiders are welcome to attend, and you can find an event in the schedule below that works for you. It’s a good opportunity to combine a mud sale with a visit to the Amish community in Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Mud Sale Calendar – 2023

Be sure to confirm the dates and times before traveling long distances to one of these events. While changes are not too common (and this year’s schedule should certainly be more reliable than say that of 2020 and 2021, when many sales were canceled for Covid-related reasons), you want to be sure of times before making a trip. Each company’s website is listed as a source of further information.

February 2023

Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale
February 24 & 25
Strasburg Fire Company
203 Franklin Street
Strasburg, PA 17572

March 2023

Bart Township Auction & Mud Sale
March 3 & 4
Bart Township Fire Company
11 Furnace Road
Quarryville, PA 17566

Amish firemen at a house fire
Amish firefighters on site at a blaze in Lancaster County. Proceeds from mud sales support these volunteer fire companies. Photo: Ed C.

Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction
March 10 & 11
Gordonville Fire Company
Old Leacock Road
Gordonville, PA 17566

Penryn Volunteer Fire Company Sale
March 17 & 18
Penryn Volunteer Fire Company
1441 North Penryn Road
Manheim, PA 17545

West Earl Fire Company Quilt & Consignment Auction
March 18
West Earl Fire Company
14 School Lane Avenue
Brownstown, PA 17508

Airville Volunteer Fire Company Mud Sale (York County)
March 18
Airville Volunteer Fire Company
3576 Delta Road
Airville, PA 17602

Food stand at Amish mud sale
Food offerings at a mud sale. Photo: Ed C.

Farmersville Mud SaleMarch 24
Farmersville Volunteer Fire Company
74 East Farmersville Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

Gap Fire Company Mud Sale & Auction
March 25
Gap Fire Company
802 Pequea Avenue
Gap, PA 17527

April 2023

Robert Fulton Sale
April 1
Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company
2271 Robert Fulton Highway
Peach Bottom, PA 17563

Rawlinsville Mud Sale
April 14 & 15
Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company
33 Martic Heights Drive
Holtwood, PA 17532

Amish father & daughter by farm equipment at mud sale
Like other Amish auctions, mud sales are family events. Photo: Ed C.

Schoeneck Fire Company Mud Sales
April 15
Schoeneck Fire Company
125 N. King Street
Denver, PA 17517

May 2023

Gratz Fire Company Sale
May 5-6
Gratz Fire Company
601 E Market St.
Gratz, PA 17030

Fivepointville Auction
May 6
Fivepointville Fire Company
1087 Dry Tavern Road
Denver, PA 17517

Honey Brook Quilt Sale & Consignment Auction
May 13
Honey Brook Fire Company
Romano 4H Center
1841 Horseshoe Pike
Honey Brook, PA 19344

Weaverland Valley Mud Sale
May 19 & 20
Weaverland Valley Fire Department
210 Lancaster Avenue
Terre Hill, PA 17528

June 2023

Kinzer Fire Company Mud Sale
June 10
Kinzer Volunteer Fire Company
3521 Lincoln Highway East
Kinzer, PA

Refton Fire Company Mud Sale
June 23 & 24
Refton Volunteer Fire Company
99 Church Street
Refton, PA 17568

Buggy at fire company sale in Gratz, PA, with fire trucks in background
Buggy at the Gratz Fire Company sale with fire trucks visible in the background. Photo: Jerry in PA

Lancaster County Carriage & Antique Auction Bird-in-Hand
June 29 & 30
Bird-in-Hand Volunteer Fire Company
313 Enterprise Drive
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

August 2023

Bareville Fire Company Consignment Auction
August 26
Bareville Volunteer Fire Company
211 East Main Street
Leola, PA 17540

September 2023

Gordonville Fall Mud Sale & Auction
September 16
Gordonville Fire Company
Old Leacock Road
Gordonville, PA 17566

October 2023

Cochranville Fire Company Mud Sale
October 28
Cochranville Volunteer Fire Company
3135 Limestone Road
Cochranville, PA

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    1. Put on your Boot!

      Erik, thank you for the Mud Sale article & video. If you haven’t already done so, please consider doing a future article on an Amish (or largely Amish) volunteer fire department. Thanks, Jim

      1. Hi Jim, glad you liked it. I don’t believe I have one “big” post on the topic but I do have a few which go into aspects of Amish volunteer firefighters that may be of interest. The first features photos by a reader of Amish putting out a fire.

    2. Jerry

      Gratz Mud Sale

      The Gratz sale is always the first Saturday in May. So the 5 and 6 of May. Friday will be the horse auction.

      The Lebanon Valley sale in Reistville is always the last Friday/Saturday in June. The 23 and 24th in 2023.

      The Perry County Auction is the second Saturday of July.

      My first sale on the left side of the Susquehanna is April 15 at the Beaver Run Sale in Montour County in Danville, PA. The Gratz sale is a benefit of the local fire company and the are Amish Schools. The other three are Amish School benefit auction only.

      1. Thanks for the additional info here Jerry. I think I’ll just add the Gratz sale, in keeping with the unofficial definition of a mud sale as one that benefits fire companies. Glad to know about these others though.

    3. David Beard

      I have been intending to attend a Mud Sale for several years and hope to do so in next 12 months. Since I’m traveling over 1200 miles and most interested in field equipment , which mud sale generally has the greatest selection of used field equipment? Thank you very much.

    4. After visiting your post, there are many other options available