The full Chapter 1 excerpt of Success Made Simple has already been available online here.  Today, I’ve gotten permission to share one last bit–the preface, where I describe the story behind the book.  Hope you enjoy it.

Unearthing the Secrets

I pull my truck into the drive, unsure whether to continue. It’s midafternoon, and I’m down on my numbers for the day, so I decide
to press the gas. Riding down the long dirt lane toward the weathered
farmhouse, it takes me a minute to register what’s missing: power lines.
As I grab my sample case, I am unusually apprehensive. In my sixth
season selling books for Nashville’s Southwestern Company, I rarely
flinch when approaching a prospect—from big brick homes manned by
stare-you-down after-work dads to backwoods trailers, where you don’t
know whether to expect a handshake or the barrel of a Winchester.
But somehow the unassuming head-scarved figure standing in the yard
intimidates me in a way that others never have…

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