Lancaster County mud sales

Lancaster County mud sales

Rick shares some photos of the 2008 Rawlinsville and Bart/Georgetown mud sales in Lancaster County.

Mud sales are typically held by local fire companies to raise funds.  In Lancaster County numerous Amish serve on the volunteer firefighting crews.  There is usually a high Amish attendance at the sales.  This photo is from last year’s horse sale at Bart.

Lancaster County mud sales equipment

‘Mud sales’ are known as such because they are usually held in spring, often a muddy time of year.  This picture of farm equipment is from Rawlinsville in southern Lancaster County.

Rick shares the following amusing anecdote from the Rawlinsville sale:  ‘There were 2 little Amish boys, maybe 8-10, and you should have seenthem laugh when they sold a yard sign of a dog going to the bathroom that had the word “No!” on it! A little later they bought this bigMexican sombrero for $2 I think – a little larger than the standard 3″brim I suspect! I can imagine what their parents said!’  Sounds like a fun time.
Lancaster County Amish mud sales quilt auctionAt the quilt portion of the Bart sale, Rick says, ‘the catalog listed 440 quilts; the one in the center w/ leaves brought $1500, and the ones on either side were around that.’  Other prices– new buggies with fiberglass storm fronts:  $7000, new adult scooters:  $150.

Bart was attended by several thousand people, according to Rick.  Both Amish and non-Amish typically fulfill auctioneer duties at mud sales.

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    1. That looks like a lot of fun.

    2. DJ

      Wow, great post. I love reading your blog!

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    4. Jerry

      Mud Sales

      I love going to mud sales. I like the ones that support local Amish schools the best. Beaver Run up near Danville is my favorite and also the largest attracting over 5,000 people twice a year. The one in Gratz, Pa is also a spring favorite as well as the two in Perry County. Oh I can’t forget the one up near Mifflintown in August and Port Treveton in May. The one that I enjoy the most is the smallest up near Beaver Springs for the Jack Mountain Schools. That one is a really old order and the most interesting people show up. Bottom line….mud sales are good food and good bargins with fun people watching.