While I often share Amish homes which are already off the market, here is one that is for sale right now. This farmhouse on 40 acres of land is found in Marathon County, Wisconsin, in a small two-district settlement.

It’s four bedrooms and one bath. As you look through the photos, see if you can guess the price, which I’ll share at the end.

There aren’t a ton of inside-the-house photos, but they are quite large so we can see detail. Here is the kitchen and dining area.


The greeting cards strung across the line is a very common form of decor in Amish homes. Hats hung neatly on the wall. We can see into another room in the back…

…which looks to be this room. We see hats and shoes stacked neatly on shelves. An ironing board. What appears to be a ceramic heating stove in the left foreground.

Note that most hats here lack a black band. Going by that, and some other materials visible, I would say they probably have a little business making hats here, and possibly other clothing items.

The one bathroom.

And a look in the mud room.

Next comes a series of photos showing the outside of the property in the opposite season from the top photo – what looks like the dead of winter.

Finally, a stunning aerial view showing the 40-acre property from a different perspective. So what does all this cost?

The price is $180,000, which was cut by $45,000 in early September. I found this listing on Zillow.

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