Update 2: Scratch the below update, I should not have stated it so confidently. I have no idea how large this home is, but now on third look I would say it is larger than 1,840 square feet and maybe the first number was in fact correct. I’ll add something further I learned on basements as that was part of the discussion (source):

Below grade spaces (basements, dens, etc.) do not usually count toward a home’s square footage. Even a finished basement can’t be counted toward a home’s Gross Living Area (GLA) but it can be noted separately in the listings total area.

But even without the large basement space it looks like an above-average-sized home. I will step away from the residential square footage guesstimation game now, as it is clearly not my forte 😀 Thanks for your comments on this, including from KimH.

Update 1: My hunch was correct. Going by two seemingly more accurate sources, this home is nowhere near the square footage listed in the realtor.com listing. The actual size looks to be 1,840 square feet. That is interesting, considering that half the home’s floor space would be taken up by the large “great room” mentioned in the listing I cited (though perhaps those dimensions are questionable as well). Regardless, the room is undoubtedly large going by the photos below. This does reflect a tendency of Amish to build homes with large open spaces. Both Trulia and Zillow report this home was sold in May for $235,000.

For this week’s look inside an Amish home we visit Ohio. The last two weeks we’ve seen rather plain houses, including a $45,000 Wisconsin home, and another plain one in northwest Pennsylvania. This one is not so plain by Amish standards.

This home, found in Harrison County (Scio), which lies east of the greater Holmes County settlement. I’ve driven through this county but never sought out the Amish settlement there.

The home itself has an odd exterior design to it.

Inside we can see it is quite spacious. It’s listed as having 5,520 square feet. I am not a good judge of square footage of homes just by looking at exterior and even interior photos. If you just showed me the photos of the exterior, I would say that yes it is big, but wouldn’t guess nearly so large. They do list 7 bedrooms, and at least this one is quite spacious:

We also see a very large main room. If I’m reading the listing correctly, the dimensions of this room are 23′ x 41′. That would account for 943 square feet of the total.

There is an expansive semi-finished basement whose square footage I assume is included.

But is this place 5,520 square feet in size? I wouldn’t guess it by looking at it, but perhaps those of you with a keener eye would judge otherwise.

This room is empty. I believe it is the same room as higher up, just from the opposite angle. Perhaps it was emptied in preparation for a move. Another possibility is that the photos were taken before or after church, though I’m not sure the room would be large enough for bigger congregations, but maybe for smaller ones.

That’s a grandfather clock at the other end, and you can see two hooks where the light is hung from the ceiling. The closer one doesn’t appear to have a heat shield, while the one at the back of the room does, which itself is hung from a hook (you can barely make that out).

This suggests that they hooks might be used for both heat-generating lamps, as well as the Dewalt-style battery lights seen in more progressive Amish homes. A calendar hangs on the wall. I wasn’t able to make out the date even at the larger versions of these photos at the realtor.com listing.

Another view of the large bedroom seen higher up.

More bedrooms.

Lighting and general decor gives away that this home is not as plain as the others mentioned. Notice the bedside lamp.

Kitchen. Nice abundant natural wood look to this home, with the flooring and furniture.

A pleasant sitting area.

A lot of upholstered furniture in this place, the type you might see in an English country home.

Contrast that with plainer Amish homes where rockers, including hickory rockers, show up in greater numbers (see here and here for examples).

The workshop, which lies partially built into a hill.

Looks like the owner of this place works with metal.

Barn and horses.

Pasture area.

The price of this home, when last listed in spring of 2018?

$275,000. The home was not sold according to realtor.com, and is currently listed as “Off Market”.

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