100 Amish Help Injured Neighbor To Move Barn – By Hand

Yesterday in LaGrange County, Indiana, a large group of Amish came together to help a neighbor in need. From WNDU 16 News:

A group of about 100 Amish were out helping a friend move a huge pole barn. 16 News Now is told the person who owned the barn recently died, and the man who now runs this property has his arm in a sling after being airlifted to a hospital for a severe injury.

There is a short video of the men in action at the story, which is not embeddable here, but you can see at the link above. In the screenshot below you can kind of make out the legs and feet of men from beneath the structure.

The men moved the barn about 200 feet to a new foundation. It’s not said whether the neighbor they were helping is Amish or English. If I had to guess, I’d guess English, since the story was covered by the news, and also because of the wording of the opening line of the report: “The LaGrange Amish community came together Monday to help out a neighbor who got badly injured this summer.” The Amish community helped a “neighbor”, suggesting someone not in the community.

This is the latest in a line of stories of Amish moving buildings by hand. It seems like we get one of these about once per year lately. In the right situation, it makes sense to organize a community’s manpower rather than try to do a job like this with machinery. Though, this one was a bit different than previous moves, in that a forklift helped the men a bit in their task. Either way, bravo to these guys.

Probably the best video of Amish moving a building is the one from last year of Amish in Wisconsin moving a large pole barn a good long distance. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy:

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    1. J.O.B.

      The video of the Amish moving the barn in Wisconsin was pretty cool.

      A little funny that all you could see was their feet since they were inside. Just kept thinking, watch your toes when putting it down.

      1. Toes!

        Exactly. Have to have a good move leader in charge I suppose. I also thought about what happens if someone trips, falls, etc. I guess they take it slow enough and having that many guys would guard against catastrophe if just one or two people fell in process.