90 Amish Move Another Building (Video)

Plain teamwork was on display again in June, and again in the Geauga County Amish settlement. We last saw the Amish of this community picking up and moving a barn in March.

In the video below, around 90 Amish lift and move a building described as a shed by video author Bill Jancsurak.

Jancsurak commented the following to Global News:

Bill Jancsurak told Global News the move happened in Parkman, Ohio and that according to one member of the community, they had “more than needed.”

Jancsurak said he was told 10 phone calls went out and it resulted in about 200 people turning up to help.

“They come together for each other,” he said.

According to Jancsurak, the structure was estimated at about 4,500 pounds and measured about 20 feet by 30 feet.

He said what was interesting was that according to one of the community members, only about 90 men were actually needed to move the building, yet more than double showed up to assist.

It seems this is a popular way to move buildings in Geauga County. An Amishman commented to Jancsurak that this was the “smallest building to be moved in this way.”

The shed was moved an estimated 300 feet, and the full job took around four minutes.

If I had a chance to help pick up and move a building, I think I’d jump on it.

It’d probably be fun to be riding by in your buggy, point over and say “See that shed? Well did you know one time I picked it up and moved it about 300 feet…”

“…with a hand from a couple friends of course;)”

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    1. Geo


      Now that’s community. It’s a concentrated dose of what makes the Amish life so appealing. All for one and one for all. I can’t help thinking it’s dangerous. My engineering sense says the massive weight towering over head could shift to one side. The lifters on that side would be overwhelmed. The internet has many videos demonstrating weights shifting to one side causing an unstoppable cascade effect. That being said; I love it. Be careful you guys.

      1. I wondered about the safety of it. I imagined that someone stumbling and knocking down several other people like dominoes could be a danger. Am not an engineer though. This one looks to be a regular wooden structure and not a pole barn like in the March video, so seems like it would be proportionally heavier.

    2. Pam

      It is good to see the community work together to help someone out. Now if we could only do that to put a basement under our double wide and maybe shift one end to face east more. That would be a quicker way. I appreciate the Amish and their hard work.

    3. Dan Bogdan

      Great Job

      It is Always Better to bring the community together, by raising all the terms to “The Greatest Common Factor” than by dividing them to the “least common denominator” … We, Americans, (and the rest of the world) have something to learn from this) …

    4. Reziac

      So a little back of the envelope goes to show the value of teamwork… each guy is carrying around 50 pounds. That’s not so hard, eh?