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    Sandy Plymale
    Comment on Holidays (May 29th, 2012 at 11:10)


    I respect the way Amish believe. But don’t understand why, like you said,”They recognize that they are fortunate to live in a country which allows them to practice their religion without persecution…” So why won’t they celebrate the national holidays such as Memorial Day with the rest of the country? Seems pretty hypocritical when they don’t, especially if they are truly thankful to have the freedoms that they have.

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    Comment on I do not agree wit Amish exemtion from military service (September 8th, 2013 at 16:55)

    I do not agree wit Amish exemtion from military service

    I do not agree with anyone that will not serve this country in the military, for whatever reason if physicaly able. The only reason this country has the freedoms we all enjoy is because of our military preventing hostile countries from coming in and killing us all. I consider religion to be seperate from state. The Amish are freedom parasites that dont even show thier respect for the Americans that died fighting for the life style they have. I do mean lifestyle not religion. If you are a consensus objector of fighting off evil aggressors to our country than move on out.
    I also believe our government also has the obligation to do what it is tasked by the people for the people. That is to only declare war when it is a direct threat to our 50 united states and territories. If our government goes outside of that being the worlds police than I believe we all have the right to consensusly object, but noy for religious reasons. My family has ties all the way to the revolutionary war, and has fought in every war since. I am 20 year retierd Army war verteran as well. I belive in freedom of religion, but I also belive in seperation of religion and state. Religion being your own personal issue, state being United in freedom a way of life our military protects.

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      Comment on Why Amish don't serve (October 11th, 2013 at 08:25)

      Why Amish don't serve

      Jim; I also have served in the military 16 years 9months, upon which I chose to leave after I finally had endured enough from the government and the military “order” of business, Since I have continued my education not only in the classroom to the extent of completing my Doctorate also in the worldly education arena. I have adapted to and accepted the Anabaptist way of life and have chosen to live according to the Amish way f life to the extent that I may while serving a Pastorate within the Methodist structure, my children also by their choosing have adopted this way of life. I feel it would do yourself a true service to read and come to know the Amish prior to passing judgment on them for their beliefs. Did you know they DO NOT accept any Social Security, Food Stamps or any type of social governmental assistance in regards to health care? Did you know they DO NOT place their parents in nursing homes? they take care of them up to the day they leave this earth and return to the Lord. I have come to realize that the United States Government is not exactly the group you want to turn to if you wish to hear the “whole truth” about anything. Yes I too have family that dates back through the years of conflict, police actions and wars on this earth but does that make it right for us to push our beliefs on others? NO. I love my brothers and Sisters in this country but I draw the line when it comes to my children ever participating in Government sponsored essays as they attempt to do in the schools here or any military service of any type, I feel I served enough with my time. So please do not call the Amish free loaders, they are not. Learn about them and you might just find that they are really forgiving, loving, kind people.

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    Comment on Why don’t Amish serve in the military? (May 7th, 2014 at 17:39)

    Jim. As an active duty officer I must say that I don’t agree with your position. It is the duty of those who serve in the military to protect the constitution of the United States. The Amish do not choose not to fight, it is a fundamental belief in non resistance that they do not fight. This has been a consistent belief that has remained unchanged in their faith as far back as its creation. We are not in a position to judge why they do not fight. Our only position is to protect them from all enemies, foreign and domestic; and to uphold the constitution of the United States. All other positions are irrelevant. Do not forget, it is our duty as soldiers above all things, to prevent war from reaching any citizen living in this country; by force and with our lives if necessary.

    Cdr. John Irby, USN

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    Comment on Reply to replies (May 7th, 2014 at 19:55)

    Reply to replies

    I say let’s do some reality checks: Amish mafia tv show is pretty darn violent, and aggressive. How about this, is there any Amish in any third world country that is not a free people? There may well be, but I have never heard of any. My posting reply to Pastor Jim is not visible any more for whatever reason. But Amish are not freeloaders. They work very hard for themselves. They are however very disrespectful, and live here only because Americans have died, prisoners of war, disabled, lost marriages, and generally suffered to keep this freedom we all enjoy. Amish don’t respect that. They don’t honor verterans day, Memorial Day or our flag of freedom. I say let’s have some Amish move to North Korea, China, Samalia, anywhere in Africa, Russia, etc ….. Let them setup thier communities there, and pull the religion life style of selfserviance there. They live here only because of others who have sacrificed deeply for the freedom they enjoy. The least they could do is honor that fact, or better yet join in the responsibility to protect freedom. If the United States was ever invaded like Poland was by Germany, and soldiers were dieing all around the Amish. While the Amish refuse to help fight off the invaders. The invaders then win, I sure hate it for those poor freedom loving Amish that love thier religion. Oh no they can’t practice that any more – their freedom is gone, To bad they didn’t lift a finger to help protect that beloved freedom they once had. Very well could have made a difference. At least it would show they respect thier own freedom loving farm land.

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    Comment on Active duty officer (May 26th, 2014 at 04:51)

    Active duty officer

    How about saying “I am active duty” and leave it at that. This is a public civilian format. Unless regulations have changed rank structure is not authorized in this forum.

    You are correct on all counts of what you said. Your religion is your religion, not mine, not your neighbor, and not the governments. It is your personal right in accordance with our constitution to choose your religion and practice it in your way. You can even choose to not have a religion, that is the glory of our constitution. But, I do not believe that anyone who lives in the United States has the right to claim that he or she will not join in the responsibility to maintain the freedom they enjoy to practice that freedom. Our system has allowed people to claim objection to serving due to their personal religion. I have the right to NOT agree with that. I believe in separate church and state. The state needs all who are able and of age to participate in maintaining the freedom for all who are in that state (United States). Those that are in that state get to practice or choose not to practice a religion of their own. The state cannot force a religion on a person. I believe a personal religion should not be forced on the state. That’s me.

    I may be a little sympathetic to the Amish, if today “Memorial Day” Amish would take a moment and try to remember the millions of people who DIED, were tortured, maimed, wounded, POW, suffered hunger, weather, smells of death, missed children’s births, lost wives or husbands due to being separated years at a time, deployed & TDY, missing children growing up, PCS every two to three years, all personal sacrifices the Amish could not comprehend in the ongoing maintenance of freedom. Amish don’t need to thank a service member. Just remember the personal cost to the state for freedom. Amish freedom of personal religion. Amish don’t. More than anyone Amish should!

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    Comment on P.S. Active duty officer (May 26th, 2014 at 05:17)

    P.S. Active duty officer

    Sir, the constitution provides the right to burn the flag. We have served to protect that right to burn, spit, even crap on the flag. I damn sure do not agree with that. I have very right to put that I don’t agree with that on this site. Just as I don’t agree with the religion trumping state. Let it go to far and the crusades all over again. How free do you think we would be if this entire USA was Amish? A nano-second?

    Rank not appropriate signature block

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    Comment on Wake up (September 19th, 2014 at 08:08)

    Wake up

    Folks, wars are bankers wars. People are manipulated into killing for patriotism and the profit margins of the incredibly wealthy and powerful. Dig through hidden history. Find out the truth. Don’t just go along. Wake up.

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    Comment on Hochstetler actually... (March 12th, 2015 at 10:17)

    Hochstetler actually...

    It is interesting to note that after escaping his captivity, Hochstetler actually pleaded with the government for many years to go and use the military to rescue his sons.

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