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  • Sandy Plymale
    Comment on Why don’t Amish serve in the military? (May 29th, 2012 at 11:10)


    I respect the way Amish believe. But don’t understand why, like you said,”They recognize that they are fortunate to live in a country which allows them to practice their religion without persecution…” So why won’t they celebrate the national holidays such as Memorial Day with the rest of the country? Seems pretty hypocritical when they don’t, especially if they are truly thankful to have the freedoms that they have.

    Why don’t Amish serve in the military?

  • Jim
    Comment on Why don’t Amish serve in the military? (September 8th, 2013 at 16:55)

    I do not agree wit Amish exemtion from military service

    I do not agree with anyone that will not serve this country in the military, for whatever reason if physicaly able. The only reason this country has the freedoms we all enjoy is because of our military preventing hostile countries from coming in and killing us all. I consider religion to be seperate from state. The Amish are freedom parasites that dont even show thier respect for the Americans that died fighting for the life style they have. I do mean lifestyle not religion. If you are a consensus objector of fighting off evil aggressors to our country than move on out.
    I also believe our government also has the obligation to do what it is tasked by the people for the people. That is to only declare war when it is a direct threat to our 50 united states and territories. If our government goes outside of that being the worlds police than I believe we all have the right to consensusly object, but noy for religious reasons. My family has ties all the way to the revolutionary war, and has fought in every war since. I am 20 year retierd Army war verteran as well. I belive in freedom of religion, but I also belive in seperation of religion and state. Religion being your own personal issue, state being United in freedom a way of life our military protects.

    Why don’t Amish serve in the military?

    • Comment on Why don’t Amish serve in the military? (October 11th, 2013 at 08:25)

      Why Amish don't serve

      Jim; I also have served in the military 16 years 9months, upon which I chose to leave after I finally had endured enough from the government and the military “order” of business, Since I have continued my education not only in the classroom to the extent of completing my Doctorate also in the worldly education arena. I have adapted to and accepted the Anabaptist way of life and have chosen to live according to the Amish way f life to the extent that I may while serving a Pastorate within the Methodist structure, my children also by their choosing have adopted this way of life. I feel it would do yourself a true service to read and come to know the Amish prior to passing judgment on them for their beliefs. Did you know they DO NOT accept any Social Security, Food Stamps or any type of social governmental assistance in regards to health care? Did you know they DO NOT place their parents in nursing homes? they take care of them up to the day they leave this earth and return to the Lord. I have come to realize that the United States Government is not exactly the group you want to turn to if you wish to hear the “whole truth” about anything. Yes I too have family that dates back through the years of conflict, police actions and wars on this earth but does that make it right for us to push our beliefs on others? NO. I love my brothers and Sisters in this country but I draw the line when it comes to my children ever participating in Government sponsored essays as they attempt to do in the schools here or any military service of any type, I feel I served enough with my time. So please do not call the Amish free loaders, they are not. Learn about them and you might just find that they are really forgiving, loving, kind people.

      Why don’t Amish serve in the military?

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