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  • Parke County Amish Variety Store

    Thank you Don. It has grown by 2 or 3 districts since I was there 10 years ago.

    Parke County is famed for its covered bridges, which is evident by the domain name for the county visitors’ commission website: coveredbridges.com.

    I was only there briefly so didn’t see many of them, but it apparently has 31 of an original 53 bridges remaining, supposedly the most of any county.

    I’ll go ahead and put the info for the business you stopped at, for anyone who might want it.

    Swarey’s Variety Store
    3767 N 100 E
    Marshall, IN 47859
    Phone: (812) 653-9490

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    Indiana Amish (September 28th, 2014 at 12:50)

    I live on a road in Paoli, Indiana and see a lot of nice Amish pass by house. We were told there was an Amish store with as lot of great food etc passed our house but have yet to find it. Do you know any Amish food stores in Paoli? Please help

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      Al in Ky
      Indiana Amish (September 28th, 2014 at 19:27)

      Anita — In the Paoli area, there are two groups of Amish — the
      Swartzentruber Amish and the “Paoli Amish”. The Swartzentruber
      group is north and mostly west of Paoli, concentrated around CR 500 N and CR 200 W. To get to Petershiems Variety, turn west on 500 N. and go about three miles.
      There used to be a sign stating “Variety and Harness Shop Stores”
      on the corner where you turned south, but I’m not sure the sign is
      still up. On 500 N. you will see signs on several Amish farms listing things for sale — like felt hats, eggs, firewood, etc. Stop at one of those and ask how to get to Petershiems. It’s not far from those other farms.

      In the Paoli Amish settlement, I don’t know of any Amish store as
      such, but if you go up Lynd School Road off Hwy 56, there are a couple of farms that sell produce/syrup/honey,etc.

      If you’re ever over Daviess County way, there are several good Amish stores there. Also in Washington County at Rosebud is an
      Amish Salvage Food/Bulk Food/Variety Items store. Friendly people,
      easy to talk with.

      Hope this helps! You don’t live far from several good Amish stores.

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