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    One thing I didn’t understand is the bicycle riders who wear a dark-colored poncho on a rainy day. I was riding in the rain near Nappanee and saw bicyclers on their way to work that were very hard to see in the rain. I wear bright yellow myself when it’s raining. Probably would be considered too showy for the Amish.

    So far no Amish person has asked me about my hub generator light. It’s made by Schmidt, a German company, and along with a good Schmidt E6 light provides good lighting. People who see me riding at night often remark on how visible I am — though I’m sure the reflective vest helps, too. I’m pretty sure buggy wheels turn fast enough to run such a thing. The good thing about the Schmidt is that it has such low friction, even when the light is turned on, that I often don’t notice it’s there. Horses wouldn’t mind it any more than I do. Other wheel generators are not that good.

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      Comment on Dark Raincoats (August 18th, 2011 at 10:14)

      Dark Raincoats

      Regarding the dark color raingear in Nappanee: the colors bike riders probably depend on the local church district. It is possible that the riders were Old Order. My grandparents lived in Bremen, just down the road a little from Nappanee, and that region of Indiana has a fairly large number of Old Order Amish.

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    Comment on Dusk, somewhere in Wayne County, Ohio (November 6th, 2008 at 16:13)

    It’s a good question. A friend wears a bright red poncho for messy work around the farm. Some probably would and some probably wouldn’t is my guess.

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