Amish buggy at night

Visibility at night is a big issue for Amish carriage drivers.

There are a variety of technologies employed by various Amish groups to make themselves more easily seen.  Swartzentruber Amish often use just a single lamp hung on the side of the carriage and minimal reflective tape.  SMV triangles are typically not found among the Swartzentruber-related communities.

Probably the most elaborate lighting systems I’ve noticed are those among some Amish in the Elkhart/Lagrange Counties settlement in northern Indiana.  Some employ fairly bright turn signals and highly visible blinkers.

This photo, from Wayne County, Ohio, is of a fairly basic lighting setup.  The buggy, you may notice, lacks side-view mirrors, usually indicating a lower-order group.  The center light at the top is a flashing blinker and not found on all carriages.

Bike riders, in the communities where that form of transport is allowed, usually use reflective tape and lighting as well.  Frequently on summer evenings Amish bicyclists will trail along behind a buggy, benefiting from its relatively higher visibility.

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