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    Jeff Smejkal
    Comment on Hamptonville, NC (August 30th, 2017 at 09:53)

    Hamptonville, NC

    In a previous issue you did an article on an Amish settlement in Hamptonville, NC. Are they still there? We were meaning to take a ride up there from here in Georgia. There was a Shiloh General Store and the wholesome country creamery. Don’t want to take a ride that far if nothing is there anymore. Thanks for all your interesting articles. We usually do the Lancaster scene because we originally lived about 3 hours from there in NY. We usually went down three or four times a year. Went to the farmers markets which we don’t have here in Georgia. Now we may go up to Lancaster maybe 0nce a year.

    • Union Grove/Hamptonville NC community; Ethridge TN

      Hi Jeff, it’s been a few years since my last visit but they should still be there – it’s an established settlement started over 3 decades ago and had I believe at least a couple dozen families. It’s by no means a huge community so don’t expect anything like Lancaster, but worth a visit if you want to pick up some good food and get a bit of Amish atmosphere.


      Depending where you are in Georgia, you might want to consider visiting Ethridge, Tennessee instead. It’s a much larger community (around 10 churches vs. just 1 for Union Grove/Hamptonville), and a lot of small businesses and farm stands you can visit. Very plain Amish group, I found the handful of people I spoke with to be friendly.


      Glad you enjoy the articles and thanks for reading.

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    Comment on The 12 Largest Amish Communities (2017) (August 30th, 2017 at 13:56)

    Hi Erik, We’re still waiting for your visit to Wisc to check out some settlements! There needs to be more about Wisc Amish on here, and you could find out first hand when you visit! 🙂

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    Comment on 12 Largest... (August 30th, 2017 at 16:58)

    12 Largest...

    Hi Erik,

    Just got the old computer back today. I WAS HACKED!!!!! Expensive proposition.

    You will be glad to know that Grabill is just fine. I was there today and it must have been shopping day for every Amish lady in the area!! One of the restaurants was so full of people that we couldn’t even get in to eat.

    Heading to Shipshewana next week for the second visit this summer.

    Thanks for the post!!

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      Comment on The 12 Largest Amish Communities (2017) (August 31st, 2017 at 04:15)

      Harriet, computer troubles are never fun, but glad you are back up and running!

      Glad to hear that Grabill is well and you survived shopping day 😉 Enjoy Shipshewana, that ought to be pretty busy as well with tourists in town. Speaking of restaurants, when I lived there for a summer I used to eat my meals – breakfasts at least – in Goshen, which worked well as it was a bit off the beaten path and not so full of visitors. There was a pretty good diner, which had at least one or two Amish women working as waitresses, don’t recall the name.

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