The devotional Rules of a Godly Life is split into three sections, focused on Thoughts, Words, and Works.  We’ve looked at two Rules already–one from the Words section, on speaking evil, and another from Works, concerning  appearance.

Rules Godly Life DecisionsNumber 15 from the Thoughts section is one of the shortest in the entire devotional, at just two lines:

If you have an important decision to make, or you find yourself in circumstances where you know not what is best to do or answer, spend at least one night in meditation. You will not be sorry.

Another way of saying “sleep on it”?  Many of the Rules include an explicit link to Scripture. Here is one you could chalk up to common sense (though I think you could find supportive examples in Scripture as well).

I can see how this would appeal to Amish and other readers.  Restraint and contemplation before rash action.  I think most people know this by instinct, but worth remembering when you find yourself in a pressure situation.

That said, needlessly putting off decisions can also lead to bad things.  Some choices can’t wait.  And in some situations decisiveness is rewarded.   Being able to identify which type of situation you are in is a skill unto itself, I believe.

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