Milk and cookies the way God intended?

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The Ohio Amish food safety issue goes higher profile, as the Washington Post, CBS News, and other big media outlets pick up the story today.

Meanwhile, Time magazine is running a piece on the controversy surrounding raw milk, another popular Amish-sold product.

Should these foodstuffs be regulated?  Should sellers be compelled to inform consumers of risks?  Or should these practices be shut down altogether?

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    1. Sean LaFianza

      we buy raw milk and cheeses from our amish farmer friend in lancaster, a driver “smuggles” it into maryland where we pick up our orders. Every piece is marked “for pet consumption only”… Our food co-op is lobbying as much as we can yet each month we get closer and closer to raw milk being completely banned.

      it’s sad and disheartening to see the government constantly pushing and threatening these farms and bakeries to compromise their practices and convictions as well as those of their customers.

      If raw milk is completely banned the farm we support either has to flat out lie to the government (even more than ‘pet consumption only’) or lose it’s customers.

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