Somewhere near New Bedford, Ohio


Unlike the majority of Lancaster Amish, those in Holmes County may use bikes.  These two little guys are taking advantage of a crisp September evening.

Could this be the best time of year to be alive?  It sure feels that way.

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    1. Matthew

      We saw similar scenes throughout the Wayne County, Indiana countryside today. Ponies pulling wagons of Amish children back home from their one room schoolhouse. And young boys and girls visiting with friends on their scooters (no bicycles in this community).

      The Wayne County Amish are an interesting group. Unlike all of the rest of the Indiana Amish communities I have visited, this group still uses the gray top buggies (like they do in Lancaster), still use the “heart” shaped head coverings (unlike the fuller prayer kapps seen throughout the rest of the midwest), little girls don’t cover their heads (again, like PA), and mens and women’s dress is distinctly PA Amish.

      Does anyone reading this blog know the history or migration of this group to Wayne County, IN?

    2. Parke County, Indiana Amish origin

      Not knowing the history at the time, this settlement surprised me when I came across the Parke County Amish a few years ago. Both Parke and Wayne are direct from Lancaster. I met quite a few families with relatives in these two settlements while in Lancaster this summer. Parke was set up first, in 1991 I believe, then Wayne in the mid-90’s. They are apparently much more back-and-forth with Lancaster despite the distance, than they are with nearer Indiana settlements, though I did meet some people in Daviess County, IN, who communicated with them.

      I was reading in the latest Nolt/Meyers book about how methodically they planned the migration out of Lancaster and into Parke County. These guys didn’t mess around in making the move.