Lancaster County DA: “We strongly believe” remains belong to Linda (Press Conference Video)

It was reported by one news station yesterday that the station had been given confirmation by “the family” of Linda Stoltzfoos that the human remains found yesterday belonged to her. But no details beyond that were given in the station’s report.

Linda’s uncle Mervin Fisher is now quoted in Lancaster Online on the discovery:

A family member said that remains discovered Wednesday are thought to be that of Linda Stoltzfoos, but investigators have yet to make an official identification.

Mervin Fisher, who is Stoltzfoos’ uncle, said the family has been told there are “strong indicators” the remains recovered are Linda’s.

“All of us have been hoping for closure. It’s not the news we wanted, but progress is moving forward to bring Linda to rest,” he said.

I am guessing that Fisher was the family referred to above. Official confirmation by authorities may take days or weeks. A press conference is to be held at 11 AM today and can be viewed here:

Update: the press conference by Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams was about 20 minutes, and has just ended. It can be viewed in full below. There will be a summary update later.

District Attorney Adams said that although the coroner’s office has yet to make a positive forensic identification, that “we strongly believe and are comfortable saying that the remains are those of 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos.”


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    1. Jerry

      Linda S.

      Here close to Lancaster County the news has been buzzing with this discovery. Emotions are high and confusing. People are torn with hoping the remains are and are not those of Linda. Hopefully the family will allow a full investigation and the justice system will do it’s job.

      1. Judy Manges

        My prayers have been from day one have been for Linda’s body to be found …. now there is closer. Questions of why, will forever be there for years. I do believe God tried to stop this man, but he continued…. now may the family have peace and give Linda her resting place. My prayer is for peace for this family, her closes friends and other friends and community. Jesus wrap them in your love and tender mercy’s.

    2. Foggy World

      Linda Stoltszfoos

      I found out about this an hour ago in a UK newspaper. It certainly is getting serious attention as it should.

    3. Bert

      news conference

      i have seen the news conference now a few times and they did great work to find her remains still continuing to be praaying for her famolies comfort

    4. michelle ruggiero

      Attorney Adama

      She took questions but didnt answer any ! Why bother? Kept saying I cant answer, I cant comment