Two more from NW PA

Amish school PA

Amish church gathering New Wilmington PA

Two more Pennsylvania winter scenes, of a school and Amish church gathering, again courtesy of Rick.  I think the horse in the top shot–did you spot him?–might be winking at the camera.  But can’t be sure.  Rick?

And on a side note, I will be back in Lancaster County in February.

Til then, or beyond, feel free to send in any winter or other shots you’d like to share with the blog.  You’ll find the address under the ’email me’ link in the top left corner.  I always try to respond, even if it sometimes takes a couple of days!

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    1. Not only is that horse winking, I think I see a grin! LOL!

    2. Bill

      Blue skies with snow on the ground. Nice photos!

      Not only is that horse winking but I’ll bet he’ll talk to you ala Mr. Ed if you’re willing to start the conversation. 🙂

    3. Erik Wesner

      Michelle, and I thought I had good eyes!

    4. I once tried to photograph a camera-shy horse in an Amish barnyard. Maybe the horse was Amish, too. It kept ducking behind a big tree when I pointed the camera at it, but when I turned the camera in another direction it would come out from behind to watch me. It seemed to be curious about me, too. We went back and forth a few times with this game. I gave up before the horse did.

      That was in the days of my pre-digital Nikon SLR camera. If I had had my digital camera with a viewfinder that swivels so I can look in one direction while pointing the camera in another, maybe I could have outwitted the animal. Or maybe not.

    5. Is there a site or information on finding an Amish community near us? We are in Alabama and when I search in Google for Amish Farms here, I’m at a loss. We are very interested in visiting and learning from their wise and strong ways of life.

      Thank you!