Seeking the Amish-for the wrong reasons

Outsiders sometimes express a desire to join the Amish.  As an Amish authority explains in Richard Stevick's Growing up Amish: The Teenage Years, seekers often come with misguided notions:

"When seekers from the outside come to us wanting to be Amish," explained a bishop, "they are often attracted for the wrong reasons.  They could have fallen in love with one of our Youngie.  Or they may have fallen in love with what they think is a simpler way of life.  What they fail to realize is that our faith in Christ is at the center.  Horses, buggies, and kerosene lanterns will quickly grow stale without the faith foundation."

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    1. I think much to often people romanticize the amish life. They do not realize how much their lives will change, and how difficult it can be to make such a radical change. I agree totally with the article although there are a few people who really do know what is in store for them and the change it will be.

      1. George Moore

        Id like to become Amish.

    2. Tom Kaminski

      You don’t need to join the Amish to live an Amish lifestyle. Unless you’re joining because you fell for that special one young one, or even an established widow/widower.

      If one were to look closly and read history books regarding growing up in late 1800 America they would find the Amish living conditions of horses, buggies, and kerosene lanterns, and maybe even some Indians and a gun fight or two. LOL

    3. sonofagun

      If their faith in Christ is at the center of their lives, then why are they so fixated on physical things (no autos, electricity, plain dress, etc.)?

    4. Kate

      Oh dear, I wish I had time to throughoughly explain this to you but I don’t right now. These things and their way of life is BECAUSE of their faith. No, the Bible does not say those things but each of those things you mentioned are importnat to the plain and traditional lifestyle that helps them stay fixed on the Cross. Modest dress is commanded in the Bible and we are to be plain and different from the world. Electricity leads to the use of numerous things that could harm their plain lifestyle and makes it easier to take our focus off God. Cars take families and people away from home so easily. See? It’s not that they are “fixed on physical things” but that they see a problem in worldly things and want to obey the Bible in being separate from the world.

      From your previous responses it sounds like you are someone who doesn’t think highly of the Amish. That is your opinion but if that’s so I just don’t understand why you’re on a website dedicated to the education about the Amish. Just curious…

    5. Nelson

      Kate, I love your reply to this former post for the man who is looking for an amish woman, or even an ex amish one,
      I do have a question which I would like to ask him, and I hope that he does not take any offense,as I am not judging, but merely want you to reconsider,,

      “Sonofagun,if you had a sister, or a daughter who is a virgin, pure and absolutely unspotted from any evil guile, or sin, ,would you really and truly want her to be married to a guy like you are?”

      You do not have to answer me, but someday you and we will all have to answer to the man upstairs,,and if you are truly honest with yourself, I hope and pray that you have more respect for your sister than you seem to have for the Amish woman you want.

      But as long as there is life there is still time for you and all to repent.
      wishing you all the best, and a better home after this life?

      Think deeply, and you do not have to respon,,,but

    6. sonofagun

      Dear Kate –

      Is the faith of the Amish so shallow that their dress code or outdated life style is needed to “prop up” their faith? If so, how will they ever stand against REAL tribulation or trials? By the way, who says we must “stay fixed on the cross”? The cross is nothing but an instrument of murder by torture (and also an ancient pre-christian symbol) – if Christ had died by hanging, would we all carry a little gold gallows around our neck? Or been executed by firing squad, a little silver gun? I believe we must stay fixed on the Messiah and his teachings and not be concerned with physical trivialities which we use as spiritual crutches or to judge others by.

      No, I DO think well of the Amish for how they treat others – just think it would be nice if they could come to understand God’s true religion but that is really in the hands of God. The Devil is the author of confusion; not our Creator.

      Nelson – you say you are not judging me and then you say “…a guy like you are” – LOL

      Also, no one in this world is “pure and absolutely unspotted from any evil guile, or sin” and I would respect my sister enough to let her make her own decisions without judging or condemning her something I think the Amish need to follow more.

      And once again, I’m looking for an EX or NON-Amish woman or one with similiar qualities. That’s really a compliment to the Amish women I have met who I think are all lovely.

    7. Nelson


    8. sonofagun

      Ouch my ears! No need to shout!

      Yeah you’re right – a person is born sin free but eventually we all sin for “all have sinned and fallen short”. Only our Saviour was sinless. Thanks for your comments.

    9. Kate

      I do agree that NO one but Christ is sinless.

      I’ve explained the Amish and myself to you. You seem like a person that no matter what someone says you’ll argue it. Well, I don’t like to argue and I don’t think that’s the Christian thing to do. So I am finished with these conversations as they aren’t helping anyone, you may choose to believe what you will and I will do the same.

      God bless you,

    10. Tammie

      I feel like i was born in the wrong ERA. I would love to be Amish, but it would be hard since i have been in the worldly things that i would have to give up. My children and i went Kentucky where the buggy was washed away and the 4 ‘kinner’ were drowned. I was worried bout being in the way and not wanted there, but i had several tell me YES i was wanted there and could go back anytime. Ever since that is all i have heard from my son is that he want to become Amish, even though it is a lot of hard work. He would have to give up his phone, tv, x-box, he says he dont care and would do it and love it if only we would become Amish. Rather ur Amish or not, GOD should be first in everybody’s life..

    11. Shawn

      To Kate and Nelson^: I applaud your responses to sonofagun! He truly seems to be a dirt ball, seeking a nice “clean” Amish woman to sponge off of! He seems to be like so many hypocrits I’ve met in the (secular) church! I get so sick and tired of hearing that no one is sinless, blah, blah, blah…! And to sonofagun^: No, you are incorrect: We are all born into sin, but it’s the decisions we make on a day to day basis, whether we sin or not. You have alot of nerve seeking an Amish woman, when you obviously are no where near the chaste and holiness of the Amish! Shame on you!

    12. sonofagun

      Where or how in the world do you conclude I’m a “dirt ball” and am seeking to “sponge off” an Amish (actually she would have to be ex-Amish) woman? And what does the term “born into sin” mean? You are using quite ambiguous terminology and who are you to judge me when you don’t even know me?

    13. Ed

      Mr. Sonofagun

      I’m not going to comment on your theological preferences. But I will tell you this, man to man … dude, get a life. This isn’t a dating site. And the Amish don’t go on the internet to look for mates, as far as I know. So when you ask to meet Amish or Plain women here you come off as incredibly dumb. You also come across as rather creepy, the type of person women would go out of their way to avoid. So whatever you are looking for, I’d suggest you improve you image a bit, tone it down somewhat, to give yourself a fighting chance of getting it.

    14. sonofagun


      Again who are you to judge me? Is looking for a mate a sin in your eyes? You need to find a better way to spend your time then attacking others and calling them names. Some might say those who spend their time attacking others do so to make up for their own inadequacies.

      I’ll do what I please on here – its a free country in spite of what people like you get off doing.

    15. Rebecca

      community without the religion?

      So true, what he says. I’ve been wondering that very thing: how to establish a community like theirs without the religious foundation. Is it possible to establish and maintain a strong community based on simplicity, brotherhood, love, and support without God holding people to it?

      1. Sadie

        Amish Community Minus Religion

        OK I could be very, 100% wrong here, but having read Rebecca’s comment about whether it would be possible to create an “Amish-esque” society, without God or religion being part of its fundamental fabric, this makes me think of the “hippie” communes of the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

        Since I wasn’t alive then, I can’t speak of it in too much detail, but it makes me think — many of those groups ( for sure, not all! ) may have been created on similar ideals to Amish settlements, such as you mentioned, “… a strong community based on simplicity, brotherhood, love, and support,” but lacked a religious ideal. I don’t believe, generally, they lasted long.

        Yet, the Israeli kibbutz is a God-centered community, and a number of those are certainly still around.

        I don’t know. Maybe it does take some sort of belief in a higher power — whether God, Jesus, Budda, Mohammed, or so many others — in order for the people of the group to remain cohesive. Perhaps, though, it’s simply the individuals and their dedications and motivations.

    16. David

      I think the Amish are devoted to Christ and strive to keep his teachings. Unlike many Christians they are serious about this and their lifestyle reduces obstacles and distractions. they are not alone in this of course. Monastic communities reduce distractions to promote devotion.

      Family and local community have been the primary concerns of humans for millenia, forming the ordinary context for living life as a Christian. The Amish apparently understand this and choose to live in a way which promotes actually keeping Christ’s teachings.