Construction of Amish School Building

Two weeks ago we had a look at an Amish school being built in Adams County, Indiana. Today’s photos show it looking a lot more finished. These are courtesy of our original photographer, who took this batch of shots a few days ago.

Again, here’s the building in progress (photo below taken in mid-May).

Construction Site in Amish Indiana

As noted on the original post, there were actually a couple of buildings going up in the first set of photos–the school as well as a barn for the school.

School Grounds Full View

The barn.

Amish School Barn Adams County

And the school building.

Newly-built Amish Schoolhouse

Water source.

Schoolhouse Windows

This photo is from another school in the same community.

Water Source Amish Schools

Lots of windows to let the sun in. Looks like the place is airing out.

Adams County New Amish Schoolhouse

And one last, necessary structure.

Indiana Amish School Outhouse

There’s some work left to do before this school is ready for scholars. But there’s still a good chunk of summer for that.

Amish-made cheese

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