Cruising with the Youngie

Buggy line Lancaster County

Once church lets out around noon, the Youngie hit the streets.

Some do hang around for the post-service meal, but a number get going right off the bat.

Between the hours of 1 to 3 especially, you notice a lot of open buggies, ones with ‘un-Amish’ decals and quite a few sporting excessive ‘reflectorization’.

This shot is from a heavily-trafficked North-South route in Lancaster County, one often used by youth traveling to singings, volleyball matches and other Sunday events.

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  1. Yeah, Sunday afternoons are when I encounter a lot of buggies with young people more interested in each other than in waving back at an old geezer bicyclist.

  2. Sadie

    Just Saw This

    Well, there was a link to this post beneath today’s entry, Erik.

    I love this photograph!

    I believe that, if I had been born to Amish parents, and in spite of the way the girls seem often to be a bit calmer during their teenage years, the following would have been my only form of “rebellion”.

    I would sure have liked to choose my own buggy horse. *grins* I’m thinking a re-trained, Standardbred mare, off the track, about 6 years old would have been nice — one of those horses the ads in The Budget call “a boy’s horse”! Oh, a nice dark bay or black mare with self-colored or black mane and tail, a bit of “horse arrogance,” confidence, and plenty of speed…the kind of horse who, if you’d let her, would take you around a corner on two ( of four ) wheels and come to practically a sliding stop when needed.

    What can I say? I know of the Amish stance ( as best I can, being English ) on pride, but if a HORSE is proud, who truly can fault him or her?