Teen Struck By Car, Killed At “Amish Party” (Geauga County)

This happened in the Geauga County Amish settlement, which is notorious for its wild youth and parties.

The boy who lost his life early Sunday morning was 17-year-old Mark Slabaugh. It is described as an “Amish party” attended by around 200 people in this video report by WFMJ. Though he’s not identified as such anywhere that I can found, Slabaugh is a common Amish last name.

The incident was first called a hit-and-run. In a later report it was described as “accidental”. I guess both of those descriptions could apply:

Deputies originally reported that 17-year-old Mark Slabaugh died after being struck by a vehicle likely being driven by one of the approximately 200 people at a party deep in the woods behind the 10400 block of Plank Road.

Investigators tell 21 News that drinking was taking place at the party attended by members of the local Amish community.

The accident was initially characterized as a hit-and-run.

The Sherriff’s report obtained by 21 News does not include a narrative explaining the circumstances surrounding the death.

The report says a 2000 GMC Sonoma pickup truck was towed from the scene and held by authorities.

The steering wheel and door were swabbed for evidence.

The pickup truck being towed is a bit odd. Maybe the driver who fled ended up returning. Maybe it was a different vehicle somehow related. No word on who was driving the vehicle which struck Mark Slabaugh.

If you are curious why I describe this Amish settlement as “notorious”, see these fairly recent stories, all from the Geauga County community:

Geauga County Sheriff Files Charges Following Large Amish Party

Footage Shows Passed-Out Amish Driver In Moving Buggy…Then Hits Police Car

Amish Youth Abandon Stereo-Equipped Buggy After Being Pulled Over

Now they have a tragic death on their hands. As the WFMJ report puts it, “these kinds of parties happen often in this area. But none of them ending in fatalities, until now.”

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    1. Lounn

      Amish party

      First my deepest sympathy to this young man’s family. It saddens me that there don’t seem to be much empathy. There human before anything else and no different than Yankee children. I think it would show a kinder side of humanity if folks would wait until all the facts are in.




      2. Carolyn

        The Amish call outsiders English not Yankees!

        1. Maureen NY - North Country



          Some Amish groups in New York refer to the English as Yankees and/or Yanks. This is not a disrespectful name in any way. I know the Swartzentruber and Troyer Amish groups refer to us as English and or Yankee and or Yanks.

          Erick did a Y-tube video on this very topic.

        2. Michelle

          That’s not always true I drive amish and I have heard them use both 🙂

          1. Maureen NY North Country


            What’s not always true? I responded to Carolyn’s post. It’s common knowledge Amish refer to non-Amish as The English or Englishers. Some Amish also refer to non-Amish as Yankees and/or Yanks.

            Again watch Erick’s video. He explains this in detail.

    2. C.J.

      Teen lost in Accident

      So sorry to hear of another young life lost.
      We don’t know the details, but just saying a prayer for the family of this young nab, and the other teens who may have been there and knew the victim!
      SO very sad.

      1. C.J.

        Teen lost in Accident

        Correction: YOUNG MAN

    3. Kelly Di Pari

      Teen Lost in Accident . . .

      Oh, no! How terrible . . . another young life lost to drinking/partying. My deepest sympathy to
      his family. I guess God decided he needed yet another angel in Heaven? Goodnight, sweet
      Mark. You will be deeply missed. What I’d like to know is, do the Bishops ever admonish the
      Amish young people after such tragedies or do they do as some Amish parents do and just
      look the other way? Just wondering . . .

    4. Teen struck by car killed at amish party

      My deepest sympathy for family and friends. 200 at party are so mis guided in having drunken parties. That’s more like English kids would have parties like that. I pray this sets an example not to stray from amish beliefs and be pure and wholesome don’t follow the English. I hope the bishop and parents suggests serious guidelines so the kids don’t do this again. My heart goes out to the family so sorry.

    5. J.O.B.

      Sadly, these parties happen all the time. We ‘outsiders’ may only hear about them if it makes the news. But this is common.

      It will continue, in part, because the parents did the same and many of them don’t think it’s a big deal.

      Lancaster has plenty of Amish who party. Many have learned to keep a lower profile from the publics eye when doing so.

      Sad. But history repeats itself because some refuse to put their foot down and stop it.