Meadow View Auction Panorama

Reader Mike Atnip shares a panorama shot of the Meadow View Mill School Auction, which took place this past Saturday in Holmes County.

Since panoramas don’t show up well here, I asked Mike to send me a large version that I could crop bits out of.

First I split it into 3 chunks:

Auction Panorama 1


Auction Panorama 2


Auction Panorama 3

Next, I zoomed in more, which gives you a better look at the activity in a number of scenes.

Three Girls Meadow View Auction

An Amish auction can be a busy event.

White Tent Meadow View School Sale

The more I look at it, the more this photo reminds me of the Americana images by Charles Wysocki.  Something happening in every corner.

Purple Dresses Amish Auction


Blue Tent Amish Auction


Horses Auction Meadow View School


Equipment Auction Meadow View


Buggy Parking Meadow View Auction

Thank you to Mike for the one photo that became many.

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