Pennsylvania Amish Wedding Photos

Pete Bannan from the Daily Local News recently visited the scene of an Amish wedding in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

This is the county which neighbors Lancaster County to the east, and where a sizeable portion of that community’s members live.

While it doesn’t look like he got a lot of information about the event, he got some photos of the occasion, showing the attendees gathering, the portable “wedding house“, and meal preparation.

I haven’t seen a lot of photos taken at Amish weddings. There are a half-dozen of them included with the article, which you can view here (no longer online).

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    1. Amish Weddings in NE Indiana


      I’ve been to a few weddings here in NE Indiana, and for sure, it’s tough to get photos of the actual wedding. But I’ve gotten a few before-and-afters. Here are two links:

      Next month I have a post coming out in which I took some good pix of the venue the day before the wedding – no link yet.

      Susan Mosey,
      Friend of the Shipshewana IN Amish

    2. R.C.

      It’s interesting that the buggy in the right foreground of the second photo appears to be a two-horse one, with a single pole instead of two shafts, and two singletrees instead of one. One-horse buggies, like the one in the left background of the same picture are much more common in most Old Order communities. Though from what I’ve seen in photos, two-horse buggies seem to be seen a little more often in Old Order Mennonite settlements in Ontario.