An Amish-ish Wedding Part 3: The Reception (22 Photos)

Don Burke returns today with the final part of an “Amish-ish Wedding.”

If you missed the backstory to this event, you can read more and see photos from part 1 (the wedding party and guests) and part 2 (the ceremony).

After the wedding ceremony, everyone was encouraged to stay and enjoy a reception with cake and ice cream.

There were plenty of hugs and congratulations shared with the newly married couple

A tender moment shared between three sisters.

And now for the really important part…

Decisions, decisions…

The level of mixed traditions was also reflected in the guests attending the reception. Old Order Amish, New Order Amish, German Baptists, Mennonites and English all enjoyed the time of food and visiting.

The bride and groom with many from her family.

The theme of mixed traditions was even seen on the SUV that the bride and groom drove away in.  It was covered in both English and German expressions that shared the happy event with the world.

Find more of Don’s photos at his Facebook page PlainSong.

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    1. Oliver

      thanks for better insights

      my thank goes to all involved
      (photographer of these portraits;
      and the people who agreed to be portrayed)
      Danke schön, Ihr Lieben!
      Grüße aus Berlin (Deutschland)

    2. Thanks

      What a joy it was to view the pictures of the couple’s special day! Seeing guests at the tables talking with one another and NOT looking at their phones was just the best! 🙂

      May grace and blessings be in your path †

    3. Oliver

      mich sin married

      mich siin verheirat (= married)
      [it’s just a comment on the color script on the car windows]

    4. Harriet

      Thanks to all who were involved in this series of articles. They were quite interesting and so much appreciated.

      Merry Christmas to everyone!!

    5. Thanks...

      Thanks everyone for you compliments and kind words. And as always, thanks goes to Erik for highlighting some of my work here.

    6. Charles J. Kollman


      How did they get taking pictures. As i understand Amish do not like pictures taken of them and no mirrors.

      1. Charles, you might want to read the first two parts of this series, which will explain where this couple is in their journey. But in a broader scope, it is not exactly accurate to say that all Amish have an issue with their picture being taken. I was the photographer at this wedding, and was told repeatedly that it was okay to take whatever pictures I was inclined to. Furthermore, at every table that I went to I asked if it was okay to take a picture. Only one table had anyone that indicated they really didn’t wish for me to do so. And remember too, as the article above states, there were many folks there who were not Old Order Amish.

        The idea that the Amish take offense at their picture being taken is not nearly as universal as we are sometimes lead to believe. Each community (and sometimes, each person) varies.

        1. Thanks for explaining that, Don. Charles, it’s a common question people have. These pages might help to explain as well:

    7. Sandy

      So good...

      Thank you I am so fascinated by the lives of these wonderful folk, and the simplicity of the wedding compared to the many thousands wasted on the weddings of other folks… These people manage to have a wedding full of love and commitment without a lot outside influence and with the help of all their community. How good is that????

    8. Christine McMahon-Chase

      Amish-ish Wedding Part 3

      Thank you Don and Erik for these lovely pictures. What joy and fun all seem to be having!

    9. Jb

      Cute pictures

      Interesting pictures of a diverse crew. I love some of the outfits. The pastel colors are especially elegant. I hope they all had a good celebration together. I wonder what the menu included. Looks like they were getting wild with Pepsi and flavored milk syrups.

    10. Joze Simec


      Best wishes !!!