Outfield captions: Vote for a winner

Amish Outfield CaptionWe received a lot of good entries in the latest caption contest. I’ve picked 5 finalists, and you get to vote for the winner. I’ll post the results here in the comments section Thursday morning.

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  1. Slightly-handled-Order-man

    Amish America Votes

    Good luck everyone.
    I like the democracy of Amish America, at least Erik lets the readers be the deciding word in this stuff.

    1. More fun that way 🙂 Good luck Shom, looks like you’re in third place as of this posting.

  2. Richard from Amish Stories

    maybe someone can do a write-in for me, I know I had a few great zingers,lol. Richard. http://www.Amishstories.net

  3. Valerie

    Richard is Trying SO Hard

    Richard, you do realize winner is getting one back issue, not a subscription, right?
    Relax-Can I send him one Erik?

    1. I think Richard is just having fun 🙂 You’re welcome to send one along of course. Also we’ll have more of these in future 😉

  4. Lisa

    My vote is for Tom Geist

  5. sheila


    My vote is for Tom Geist

  6. RON

    My vote is for Tom Geist


  7. Winner(s)

    Looks like Tom is the winner of the caption contest. Tom if you send the address where you’d like your issue sent, I will get that out to you. The email is ewesner(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Loretta, guess what, I have an extra copy, so why don’t we make this a 2nd-place-wins-too contest. Let me know where you’d like your issue sent.

    Thanks to everyone who joined in.

  8. Naomi Wilson

    What fun!

    I was so completely tickled last night to see I was a finalist! I had a busy day away from the computer, so I had no idea. I’m glad I didn’t know or it would have been a distraction. Never mind that I didn’t win, it made my evening anyway. Thanks, Erik! And if you ever have any old publications that you need to get rid of, I’ll gladly send you my address. ; ) I asked for a subscription to the Budget for my birthday, but it didn’t happen. Too bad!

  9. Tom Geist

    Sweet! Thanks for all of the votes….and of course to the kid that was ‘outstanding in his field’. (left field that is)

    I am looking forward to the magazine issue.

    Tom Geist….AKA Mr Groszfeelich

  10. Slightly-handled-Order-man

    Congratulations, Tom; well played.

    I’m looking forward to the next caption contest Erik lobs our way.

  11. Loretta

    Add my congrats

    Looking forward to more pictures to caption.
    Enjoy your magazine, Tom.

  12. Lin

    Congratulations to Tom and Loretta!