You should be able to tell right off why I titled this “abandoned” – though not technically the case (it’s up for sale, after all), with the overgrown yard, vacated rooms, and grey sky adding a bleak touch to these photos, it certainly has the feel of an abandoned home.

Unlike most homes we look at, this one is emptied out, with just a few scattered pieces of furniture (appearing to have been added after the Amish family vacated the place).

The condition of this home and property shown in these photos makes me wonder about the story here. The yard is overgrown and the gravel lane has grass showing through. Still it’s hard to say how long it’s stood empty. The location is Gouverneur, New York, and it’s one of the numerous St. Lawrence County settlements (that large Canada-border county contains no fewer than six Amish settlements).

This home just went on the market three days ago. Like the property itself the description is sparse:

Farmhouse situated on 81.7 acres with barn, garage and out building on a quiet & private country road. Previously lived in by the Amish, there is no electric, plumbing or heat source. Metal roof and vinyl siding, covered front and back porch. Great hobby farm if your interested in getting a few animals, lots of wildlife, and the land is great for hunting as well.

Let’s have a look at a few photos here.

You can see Amish-style details and remnants throughout the home. The greyish molding for example, and spartan wooden floors.

What’s that at the upper left corner of the door frame?

Was this once a pantry?

The main living room. That couch was most likely added after the Amish owners were gone.

This appears to have been a bedroom. Several curtains were left behind in this home, among the few signs of Amish family furnishings.

The back porch (with “non-Amish” chair).

A simple clothesline stands in the overgrown backyard.

It looks like a satellite dish has been attached to the corner of the house here. Hmm. Though the description says “no electric”, that and the hodge-podge collection of English style furniture suggests someone non-Amish has occupied this place for at least a little while.

Barn and silo.

As for the details, this is a three bedroom, zero-bathroom home of 1400 square feet. But again, it’s on roughly 82 acres of (way-upstate) land. The price?

This home, a definite fixer-upper, can be had along with the acreage for $109,000 (Erin E. Meyer of Meyer Real Estate).

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