Name that Amish item

amish item

What is this?  I bought it at an Amish variety store in Adams County, Indiana, earlier this summer, for $3.

To make things more fun, the first one to guess correctly wins a back issue of the Connection magazine.

I have no idea if you’ll find this easy or difficult, but I’ll be checking back in on this post to see if anyone’s hit it–and may even toss out a clue or two if need be.

UPDATE: We have a winner! See my comment below:

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    1. Galen Grote

      Is it an Amish Buggy quilt for riding in cold weather?

    2. Marilyn Swanson

      name that Amish item

      Is it to wrap around food to keep it warm?

    3. Theresa

      Is it a large placemat?

    4. Marjorie
    5. Jessica

      That appears to be the bottom of it. What does the other side look like? I was guessing either a place mat or a thing to sit a warm dish on so it doesn’t hurt the counter/table.

      1. The other side is identical to this.

    6. Is it a bench pad to sit on during church?

    7. Lee Ann

      First thought it might be a game of some sort. I’ve made checker boards with fabric before, but as you say its the same on the other side, it can’t be.

      Its gotta be a cover for food to keep it warm.

      Animal pad to sit on in the house? About the right size for a cat or small dog to sit or lay on.

      Not big enough for a lap quilt for the buggy.

    8. sharoin calwy


      I am with Claudia, I immediately thought of a pad to sit on during the loooong church service.

    9. Pam

      Looks like a placemat to me

    10. Lenise

      Is it a pad to sit on a rocker with

    11. Char

      I was thinking a changing pad for a baby, but Viggie said it first.

    12. Trudy Biccum

      Comment on Name that Amish item ( 9/30/11 )

      My first thought was that it had something to do with quilting. My second is that it might be used to wrap items for a picnic.

    13. Stephanie Rollins

      an Amish changing pad for babies?

    14. Forest

      Looks like a small lap robe for the winter. Or a very plain crib quilt. Made me think of a saddle blanket, except I don’t know too many Amish who ride.

    15. Osiah Horst

      Hot Pad

      My guess is that Jessica is correct. We call it a hot pad. It is very common at Amish and Mennonite craft stores and is used in every home. My maiden aunt used to knit them to give away to her many nieces and nephews and my father-in-law did spool knitting for a pastime in his later years. The knitting was then sewn together to make hot pads. My 91 year old mother pieces hot pads and quilts them. My niece sells them are her dry goods store. A few clues: if it were a pad to sit on in church, it would be black. If an Amish or Mennonite crafter makes place mats, they are almost always for sale to “English”.

    16. daniel griego

      buggy floor matt

      Actually it looks like a casserole pad like something you could set your hot casserole dish on or use it yo carry your hot casserole dish on your lap with. Or its a buggy floor mat

    17. It looks like one of those things that goes between the horse and its saddle. I really have no idea though – I think it definitely has multiple uses. 😀

    18. Doris Scheibel

      Name that Amish Item

      Is it some sort of organizer.

    19. Marjorie

      Could it be a lap mat for holding a plate of food?

    20. jen

      A pillow cover? looks like the set I bought @ amish Acres..

    21. Vivian Stadley

      A quilt for a doll cradle

    22. Eugenia

      Comment on Name that Amish Title

      A lap robe.

    23. Shelly Murphy

      It looks like my tabletop ironing pad I use for quilting.

    24. Naomi
    25. Mary Beth

      Name that Amish item

      Looks like a changing pad to me too.

    26. Joining the line at the end , , , ,

      Definitely a pad to protect the table from a hot casserole.

    27. Marilyn fron New York

      I would say it is a chair or seat warmer or softner. Something that would make it easier of your fanny. I tried to think of something no one else had guessed.

    28. Cherie Kreutziger

      Is it a lap-robe for riding in the buggy?

    29. Tom-GA

      name that amish item

      could it be a mattress pad for a crib?

    30. Alice Mary


      Maybe it’s what you wrap hot bricks in that you use to keep your feet warm in the buggy?

    31. Karen Pollard

      What is this?

      I think it’s a changing pad to take with you when you have a baby. Then you don’t have to lay them down somewhere dirty to change a diaper.
      Even if it isn’t that, it would work as one! LOL

    32. Jane Thompson

      The PAD

      It’s made like a placemat, but too large, so I’d guess it’s a hot pad for assorted dishes when serving a crowd.
      It would be too hard to keep clean for a changing pad, and doesn’t look like the right shape for a crib pad, etc.
      I’d love to see more pictures of things you saw in Adams County!

    33. Diane Paulson

      Well . . .

      I say a hot pad. By the way, any of you from near San Jose, California? Is any body out here into the Amish, or is it just me?

      1. Responding to Diane Paulsen

        Hi Diane,
        I am in California, not very close to San Jose though – way up north by Mt. Shasta. I am very interested in the Amish folks and actually have a business relationship and friendship with an Amish company in Lancaster County PA.
        I find Erik’s blog to be very interesting and helpful, and the photos are beautiful. I also read his book “Success Made Simple” and recommend it to anyone who has a business or plans to start one.

    34. Dena
    35. Melissa

      Being a mother of 4, my first thought was a baby’s changing pad. But I’ve seen hot pads that look like that too. Ummm…I’m going with…hot pad.

    36. Gisa

      It could also make a nice dust covering for a laptop.

    37. We have a winner

      Checking in, and looks like we have a winner! (and quick! 🙂 ) I did enjoy reading the different answers, and truth be told, since this is a simple item it could probably perform more than one function.

      But I bought it as advertised–as a baby-changing mat (“keeps your quilt clean”). Though since I don’t have any babies to change at the moment, I may just take one of these other suggestions and put it to a totally different use 🙂

      Marjorie was close early on, with “baby diaper”, but it looks like the first responder to get it 100% right was Viggie with “changing pad” (and looks like a number of you had the same idea). Congrats Viggie, if you send an address to my email I’ll get your Connection issue out to you.

    38. Marjorie

      Good going Viggie, this was fun. Congratualations.

    39. Marilyn fron New York

      Congratulations Viggie.

    40. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Congrats to the winner, and that does make sense! I guessed in my head that it was for sitting either in a buggy or at church.
      I saw a photographer using something that looked a little like that last summer (2010) to protect his/her knees, completely homemade

    41. Lissa Holder
    42. Matthew

      Preparing for the future, huh, Erik? 🙂

      Congrats to the winner. I would have guessed baked potato bag.

      1. Matthew, it’s always good to be prepared!

        I like your idea of baked potato bag. Really, a changing pad like this one has endless uses, I think 🙂