This is another great photo by Cindy Cornett Seigle. I can’t say I’ve ever encountered this exact sight coming down the road – at least not at this size.

These guys are riding atop piles of hay that have them literally two – or is it three – stories up in the air. I assume they have those things well-balanced.

This photo was taken in September. Cindy describes the photo: Two teams of Amish men and horses moving hay to get ready for winter. 

Cindy describes them as “men”, but looking closer I don’t see beards on either.

They appear to me to be more in their teenage years.

Cindy’s photo comes from  Orange County, Indiana. There are two Amish communities in the county, both materially plain.

One is a somewhat atypical community at Paoli. The second is a Swartzentruber community near the town of Orleans. Cindy has tagged this photo as “Swartzentruber”.

A simple but excellent photo bringing us a slice of Amish life – showing a traditional farming practice in one of the plainest Amish communities.

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