Last week we had Amish friends down in NC for a few days.  They took the train down, and we drove them back up, and of course decided to stay a few days in PA.

Below you’ll see a common sight here in Lancaster County.  This was shot last year on an autumn day sometime shortly after sunrise.

I have mixed feelings on hot air balloons.  I wouldn’t call it an outright fear of heights, more a healthy apprehension of them.  I’m not sure how I feel about the basket beneath your feet being the only thing keeping you from plummeting thousands of feet into someone’s hay field.

On the other hand it must be just about the best way to see the earth from above. Unobstructed views, wind in your hair.  Am I right? I’ve never ridden in one before. Neither have the Amish friends I asked.


“What do you think is going through this Amishman’s mind?” asks the person who took this photo.

I couldn’t say, but maybe you have an idea.

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