I grew up washing my hands in the kitchen sink when I came in from outdoors and often before meals. Mostly because it was the most convenient one, and for that matter, really the only one, unless you wanted to walk to one of the bathrooms in the back of the house.

I just spent some time visiting with Mark Curtis in the Amish community at Belle Center, Ohio. Mark made the observation that Amish don’t wash their hands in the kitchen sink, and that a second sink is pretty common in every Amish home.

Sure enough, as I mentally reviewed the Amish homes I am most familiar with, pretty much every one had an auxiliary sink for scrubbing up (the only one I could think of that didn’t was a dawdihaus). Usually they’ll be attached to the kitchen or in or near a mud room.

Mark let me take a photo this morning of his second sink–there is probably a name for this, but I’ll call it that for now–which in Mark’s home is located right in the kitchen. Ever used one of these?

Amish Home Second Sink

Amish Kitchen Sink


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