We usually see photos of fully-furnished Amish homes and farmhouses on the market. This one is a little different – the place has been emptied out already. We can see what it would look like for a buyer moving in. While it might be a little less interesting from the perspective of not seeing Amish furnishings, on the other hand you don’t often get the empty house view.

This home is in Angelica, New York (Allegany County). It’s the same community where we saw another Amish home up for sale two weeks ago. In addition, there is at least one more Amish place on the market in this community.

This recalls the situation in Fleming County, Kentucky, where 7 Amish homes had gone up for sale online. In that case, a group of Amish was likely leaving to start another community somewhere else. Perhaps something similar is going on here.

Here’s the description of this place from Zillow:

Amish farm, was working dairy farm. 2500 sq ft home, 2 story dairy barn/silo. Shop, saw mill. Wind mill. Property has well and septic. 88.4 acres about half woods and half hay fields/barns & home. Possibly a little more woods than half. Good hunting. Not on the county highways so a little more peace & quiet. Great place for animals, hobbies, hunting, hobby farming, get away from it all. Nice porch to read a book on. Tons of room for 4 wheelers, snow mobiles, dirt bikes.

Then there is this second part, painting the picture of what it might be like to live here:

Imagine if you will, walking down off the porch on a crisp fall day taking a bite out of a Macintosh heading for one of your many out buildings gazing at beautiful fall foliage! Just think of the evening outdoor fires! Close to state lands, Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn just around the corner. This is the one you’ve been waiting for!!! Roof 2 years old.

That’s what good real estate agents do – they help you imagine what your life might be like as the owner of the home (well, help you imagine the pluses anyway – I don’t know that many agents would promote the knee-deep “lake effect” snow that the area is subject to).

There are a lot of beautiful autumn views which were likely taken just recently since the home has been listed for not quite two months.

The home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

What are we looking at here?

Blue trim.


Some of the photos are taken at odd angles.

I called this place “empty inside”, but that’s not quite right. Here we have a sink in what appears to be the kitchen. Left behind?

Porch view.

Here’s outside in the shop building.

Outside again – rooftop views. Looks like someone climbed on top of one of the buildings. That’s a nice idea for capturing a property that you don’t usually see.

The farm includes 88+ acres of land. So what’s the price?

It’s currently listed at $189,000.

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