The Latest Amish Buggy Skiing Video…

It’s become an annual thing – someone films an Amish guy skiing behind a buggy, it gets picked up in the media, and proceeds to go viral.

Well, why not. The latest edition in the series comes from Minnesota.

Jennifer Staggemeyer shot this snippet in the Harmony, MN community.

Jennifer wonders how he kept his hat on:

Let’s check out some other examples.

Previous videos of Amish Guys Skiing

Here’s last winter’s edition, out of Morley, Michigan:

And the year before that, from Lowville, New York. This one starts off straight, then goes sideways:

This one goes back to the winter of 2010-2011, the first season that Amish Guys Skiing got on my radar. Shot in Knox County, Ohio:

Finally, some still photos of Amish youth snowboarding in northern Indiana, while being towed both by a horse and a carriage:

It’s a long winter, and most Amish live in cold climates. Might as well enjoy the snow.

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    One Comment

    1. Leslie Kendall

      HOW FUN!!

      But watch out for those dry patches! Yipes!