A few years back we shared a short clip of an Amish fellow skiing behind a buggy in Ohio.  Skiing and other winter sports can be particularly popular with young Amish males.

Today, photos of more winter fun, taken somewhere in Indiana.

These youth snowboarders are carving up the “slopes” courtesy of a single-horsepower engine (there actually is something of a slope, or ridge, which they make good use of as you’ll see in the shots below).

Snow Fun Indiana

Amish Snowboarder

Horse Snowboarder Carving

Horse Snowboarder

Horse Tow Line Snowboarding

Amish Youth Snowboarding

Snowboard Session Amish IN

Here’s another, buggy-powered, session.

Amish Carriage Snowboard

Buggy Snow Sport

Looks like a lot of fun to me.


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