Here’s footage from a home fire which occurred Saturday evening in the Amish community at Oak Grove, Kentucky.

Due to the intensity of the blaze, seven fire companies were called in to help, with one injury. The blaze was sparked by a gas motor in a freezer, which ignited a 300-gallon tank of gasoline creating a huge explosion, completely destroying the home and the business, Shady Lane Sales.

The family tried to retrieve items, but “barely escaped with their lives.” You can see some footage of the blaze and the aftermath below.

In the video by WTVF, Herndon Fire Chief Neil Farmer describes why fires can be more destructive in the Amish community.

This is apparently a plain community which doesn’t use smoke detectors. Also, no fire hydrant was to be found within one mile of the home, which also hindered efforts to stomp out the inferno.

Amish are no stranger to fires, which can be sparked via their heating or lighting, machinery and equipment as in this case, or even from high moisture levels in stored hay, as in the Maryland barn fire and explosion last year.

Community support always kicks in in times like this, and this family will at least be, materially, back on their feet shortly. That doesn’t erase the trauma of an event like this, of course.

But community can certainly ease the burdens and pains of great losses, which they already have begun doing by providing food for the family and firefighters.

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