Training for the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Looks like this video was recorded in Knox County, Ohio (one county southwest of Holmes County).

No SMV triangle, lights or storm front on this buggy.

He even gets in a bit of a slalom at the end:

Skiing is in fact popular with some Amish (primarily, but not only, youth), as is snowboarding.  Lancaster County lies not too far from the Poconos and other mountain ranges.

I only rarely go skiing, despite living in a pretty cold climate and having slopes just a half-hour’s drive away.  I find my feet are usually too large for whatever rental boots they have on hand.  Ouch.

My one snowboarding trip resulted in three sessions with a physical therapist.  Only then was I able to raise my arms above my head again.  Could have been worse.

But I would try buggy skiing in a heartbeat.

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