Here’s a short video of an Amish person skiing while being pulled by a buggy along the roadside.

This comes from the Lowville community in upstate New York, home to two Amish churches.

Looks like some young guys out enjoying the snow. A Lowville resident shot the video last week (mute your sound if you don’t want the background music).

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Amish having some horse-drawn winter fun.

Here’s another clip of Amish buggy skiing from Knox County, Ohio.

And here’s a series of photos showing an Amish youth snowboarding while being pulled by a horse and rider.

You’ve also got shots of winter sports in Lancaster County (including outdoor ice hockey, sledding, and what looks like snow soccer).

What do you think, would you give buggy skiing a try?

Amish-made cheese

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