John Esh Podcast on Cheesemaking (Goot Essa Amish-Made Cheese)

I was happy to see that Goot Essa owner John Esh appeared on the “Seen Through A Glass” podcast recently to discuss his cheese & food business.

John has a nice casual discussion with podcast host Lew Bryson. He explains how he came to cheese-making, and specifically European-style cheeses. In case you were wondering about the Amish and cheese, John notes that there is a “not very robust” tradition of Amish cheese-making. That might be one of the things that people assume. But Amish don’t make every product they consume – even though cheese-making might seem a natural “fit” for Amish culture.

John also explains how Goot Essa cheese get its value – describing how they store them in the business’ three cheese caves, goes more in depth on “turning” the cheeses, why they age cheeses for a year rather than 60 days, and more. They also discuss the meats, jellies, condiments and other items they make.

One of Goot Essa’s cheese caves in central PA

We also hear John’s personal preferences, his cheese favorites for breakfast, lunch, coffee cheese, steak dinner cheese, and evening snack cheese(!). I’m not able to embed the podcast here but you can access it at this link. The Goot Essa segment of the podcast begins at about minute 12.

If you’ve been a reader for a while here you’ll recognize Goot Essa as a regular advertiser here. Their gift baskets are a great idea for a gift as we go into the holiday season. I enjoyed listening to John and hope you do too.

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