Inside A Delaware Amish Home (14 Photos)

I found an Amish home listing in The First State, aka Delaware. This state of just three counties has just one Amish community, but it is a long-lived one. It’s located next to the city of Dover, which is one reason we might be finding this particular home advertisement online.

That it, the settlement’s proximity to the city has put some pressure on the community, and you have a number of people that have sold their homes and left. This has fed into growth of Delaware daughter settlements in other states – for example, the community in Halifax County, Virginia.

Looking through the photos at the listing, you can notice some interesting features in this one that we haven’t seen much of in other Amish homes in this series.

First, how about this white stove, with what I assume to be a bake oven on the right. I don’t recall seeing this design in an Amish home before:

Next, in the basement – these two round containers near the wringer washer. Are these wash basins of some sort? A towel or rag hangs on the side of one.

Looking outside, we notice solar panels, a sign of a more progressive community. So is the motorboat, which we can just see a bit of here. The basketball hoop has been around a while.

On to the rest of the home. The bedrooms. Classic Amish quilts on many of the beds.

A single gun on the rack hanging above the child’s bed.


This is probably a teen boy’s room. Is that a turkey’s rear section mounted and hung on the wall?

This room has a Native American windcatcher ornament over the bed. Native American imagery is popular with Amish youth. You will also see the theme in glass lampshades for instance. To the right we see this young man’s hunting arsenal. This is a hunting family, like many Amish families.

By the way, this home is listed as having seven bedrooms – and just one bathroom. Is that correct? If so, no time to dawdle while you’re in there.

Back to the kitchen. Notice the bright light above the table. I would assume that to be a skylight. To its right hang a heat shield and a built-in gas mantle lamp with heat shield. But what is the item on the left, above the fly swatter? There is a closer view of it in the stove photo above. It looks like it might be some sort of torch.

A pantry/storage area.

Cozy living room. A more traditional oil lamp is visible in the foreground.

A view of the backyard.

This home sits on 31 acres of land. The price?

It last sold for $235,000 in 2018.

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    1. Lisa Moore

      I love the stove in kitchen does anyone know where to purchase one like that

    2. Mary

      So cozy.

      Amish homes just seem so cozy and humble.
      That’s definitely a propane torch. We use one to light our wood burner. Looks exactly like that!

      1. Sounds like it Mary – handy to have one of those around.

    3. Tim

      The stove is a kerosene burner. Lehmans sells them.