Inside An Amish Home With 100-Tree Peach Orchard (20 Photos)

This Michigan home for sale comes with a 100-tree peach orchard – and possibly even an Amish school building? More on that in a minute.

The community is Pittsford, which is in Hillsdale County, home to four Amish settlements. It appears to be the community at Osseo going by the latest Amish community listings. Hillsdale County has a special place in my own personal Amish lore. It was the first place I ever visited inside an Amish home, kind of randomly, back in 1998. Though, I didn’t really come to know Amish people for another six years. But back to the home!

Here’s more from the efficient description, which was sent in by a reader:

There’s a lot to work with here. Nice large 5 bedroom home with an attached apartment adding about 936 sq ft to an already 2400 sqft home. Barns, oh there are barns. I think 8 other buildings on the property. A very nice producing apple tree and somewhere around 100 producing peach trees. This place has much to offer but does not have the modern conveniences. Taxes estimated based on split

Not too much there – I do like the very general description and estimate of buildings. Based on the photos you’ll see below, one of those buildings might just be a schoolhouse.

Now some of the photos you’ll see here are taken from a funny angle – almost as if someone was holding the camera over their head to give you a bird’s eye view (or maybe that’s “corner-spider-view”) of the room.

The flooring and other features in the above shot (stove, door and trim paint) suggest a plainer home. Here’s another view, of the living area, a little lower down to ground level:

Zooming in a bit. It looks like they have the square clothespin hanger hung from the pressure lamp hook over the table. Good use case.

Here we have the mud room/second stove canning area. Also a little office area?

And a closer look at what the orchard produces:

And here’s where those peaches came from.

Checking out the bedrooms.

The above is a girl’s room, and this looks like where brothers sleep:

And likely parents’ room. The crib is often one hint of that.

And one more boy’s bedroom.

I mentioned above a possible Amish school in this deal. Now taking another look at the photo, it appears that this is a school area in the home itself.

That is something which may be done in small communities before a proper school building is built. However, the Osseo settlement dates to 1997, so I’m not really sure what’s going on here. But I’d expect that the desks and everything else is not included.

A few more photos tell us school is held in the home here. Check out this sink area with cups and bats for recess.

I also noticed this globe and desk in one of the other rooms. It might be that this family permitted space to be used for a needed additional school. But the small size of this community at just an estimated 95 people suggests that there wouldn’t be such a need. Is it possible they lost the school building, perhaps to a fire?

Watermelons, and not too much else jumps out in this single basement shot.

Some of the eight buildings outside.

There may just be the one producing apple tree, but it looks like it’s earning its keep.

Well those are the highlights. So how much is this property on the market for? The lot is 10 acres in size. You’ve got that peach orchard. How much income would that produce each year? Oh, and the reader tells me that the land has been certified organic.

Finally, this is another Amish home without a bathroom, so that would have to be taken into account by an English buyer.

The property is for sale at $275,000 (listing agent is Timothy Groves).

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    1. Lance

      This community has been shrinking for some time. The soils are quite variable here and the worst are very bad so they found themselves on ground that was sometimes useless to their farming lifestyle.

      I went to church with them once many years ago.

    2. Gail Scherer

      Notebooks, pens, clips, etc

      I have boxes of things that school children or businesses could have. The boxes include: spiral notebooks, pencils, Manila envelopes, pens, markers, etc. I would love to find a good home for them and know how expensive such stationery items are. I live in Madison, WI. They are free and just need to be picked up. We have farmers markets here in Madison and sometimes Amish people go to to our local hospital. Perhaps when someone is here he or she could pick up the items. You can contact me by email

      Gail S.