In the video below, Kevin Williams of the Amish Cook column gives us a tour of the Tinker Toy Shop, a small home business owned by an Amishman named Jonathan Troyer in Hardin County, Ohio.

Kevin walks around the shop inspecting a variety of wooden handicraft, including a clothes dryer, cedar hamper, toy train, red oak cabinet, wooden heart box, and a bird marble game I would have loved as a little kid.

It’s a good example of a nice little home business tucked away in a building on an Amish farm. You’ll find hundreds of similar shops in Amish communities across North America.

When I visit Amish settlements one of my favorite things to do is to drop in to stores just like this one and see what surprises and treasures they might contain.

Not only do they sell wooden products, but as you’ll see at the end of the video, a little something to eat as well.

Amish-made cheese

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