We return to Kentucky for this week’s Amish home. This is an interesting set – we get a look at both a plain home, and inside a simple variety/food store.

So this is another 2-in-1, so to speak. You get a store building in the deal (though I assume not the contents of it – and not all under one roof, like in the recent Henry County, KY property).

There are some eye-catching details here. Those include the bathroom lighting, and the wall decor in what looks like an office. The house, as you can see, is a modest one-story, with what appears to be a converted attic:

And the store building is of a similar size, though not quite as large:

This property is in Hart County, which is where we find the state’s largest Amish community – the 19-church district Munfordville/Horse Cave settlement.

The description from the Zillow listing:

Property includes: 4 (possible 5) bedroom home, LARGE “store” building, 3 other detached buildings and is situated on 3.76 acres +/-. The interior of home features: 4 (possibly 5) bedrooms, 1 bath, LARGE open kitchen/dining area, beautiful hardwood flooring, large walk-in pantry and partial upstairs. (Home & buildings do not have electricity).

Possibly 5 bedrooms? I guess that means you can convert one room into a fifth sleeping quarters. The home is 2,024 square feet, by the way. Here’s the salesier part of the listing:

3/4 of the home was built in 2006! The possibilities for this property is endless! Ranging from having a business conveniently beside your home, to also having a mini farm. There is an unbelievable amount of storage with thiis home! Properties like this do not hit the market often. Presented at ONLY: $84,900

Looking inside, we see a simple home. Two different types of stoves in this photo, though I don’t see the exhaust pipe for the first one:

Looking closer, it looks like there are several lamps tucked into the lower level of this stove. So I don’t think this stove is currently being used a stove.

Lighting is not the best in this photo, but here we see a modest kitchen with very plain cabinetry, and curtains of the rich blue color you see so often in Amish homes.

A lamp with metal heat shield hangs from the center of the room to distribute light when the sun goes down:

Checking out the well-stocked pantry:

First floor bedroom:

A glance inside the bathroom. The candle is what I was talking about:

Fancy candle holder. I’ve not often, or ever, seen something quite like that in an Amish bathroom:

Moving upstairs, one of the second-level bedrooms:

This upstairs bedroom looks, let’s say, snug:

And here’s the office decor I was talking about. The first thing that catches my eye is the assortment of antler mounts on the wall. Nothing too unusual about that for an Amish home.

But on looking closer you notice this nice display case of arrowheads in the foreground. Someone is a collector here. I wonder if any of these were purchased, or all found?

Now over to the store. I like the simple cozy feel of this store. Nothing fancy or pretentious about it.

Checkout counter.

Signs always catch my attention. I’ve enlarged this part of it but the only writing I can really make out is a sign for “COUNTRY EGGS” on the lower right (though they appear to be sold out):

Back outside we are seeing part of the property here, and the store’s buggy hitch with a customer’s buggy outside.

Another look at the home.

I already gave away the price for this property in the post title. It’s currently described as “off market”, and the sale history indicates the last time it was actually sold was way back in 1998. So I assume they had this on the market, and then pulled it off for some reason.

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