This is the largest and most expensive of the properties we’ve seen from the batch of 7 Amish homes on the market in Fleming County, KY.

While we’ve looked at a couple of small houses and even a 21-acre “baby farm“, today’s property could be considered more the real deal as far as Amish farms go (“grownup farm”?).

Its size, at 91 acres, is a lot bigger than the other places we’ve seen,and more in line with a typical Amish dairy farm size. However, Kentucky is not exactly the foremost dairy state, and the realtor description calls this a “great cattle farm”. The place comes with a 212-foot long calf barn.

Looking inside, one thing that stood out to me in this home is the comparatively finer woodwork, including the staircase:

And the bed and furniture in this room:

Overall this home has a more finished, and perhaps a tad bit fancier look than others in the community we’ve seen.

This looks like a young man’s room. Also note what appear to be power outlets on the lower left wall, and on the window wall just to the left of the bed. If this was English-built, those would be easily explained. However I’m fairly certain this place was built by the Amish, and they were probably installed with an eye to a possible future sale to an English buyer.

The pillow visible at right is embroidered with a name.

The view of the living or sitting room shows us typical Amish rockers including the classic hickory style, and as is common in this community, a lot of blue.

Nice kitchen and cabinets.

Dining table. Just a note that is a typical covering for Amish kitchen tables. I’m not sure the material exactly but it’s not cloth, something vinyl-like and resistant to spills; easy to wipe up. I’m sure readers will know better than I what this is called.

Also note the wheels.

I don’t think this fellow comes with the place. Good friendly dog placement for the listing photo though 😉

The home has 6 bedrooms and no bathrooms. How much would you guess it is listed for?

You can purchase this place for $339,500.

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