Green Meadow Houses & Feeders of Shipshewana, IN

Buggy Bird House Rear View

A few weeks back one of our contributors shared a photo of his buggy-shaped bird feeder, which got comments from a number of you.  That feeder was made by Green Meadow Houses and Feeders, an Amish-owned business located near Shipshewana in northern Indiana.

Green Meadow Bird Feeders Houses

We have some photos of the Green Meadow shop and products today, as well as some comments from the business owner, John Hochstetler, on how he got started, and his family’s involvement.

Green Meadow Stamp

John’s story is a common one for Amish business owners–an opportunity arose, he seized it, and then developed his business gradually rather than quitting his day job at first chance.  John’s business is a small, at-home, family affair, just like most other Amish companies.

Green Meadow Bird Feeders Buildings

From John’s account I learned that there is more than one kind of bird feeder, depending on what kind of birds you want to attract, be they chickadees, orioles, wrens, and so on.  Green Meadow also makes butterfly houses and, to my surprise, bat houses, apparently a quite popular item.

Drilling Feeder

You can read John’s comments and view more Green Meadow photos here.

You can also reach John directly at the number below. Just mention you found it on the Amish America website and he’ll know what you’re talking about.

Green Meadow Houses and Feeders
John & Annabelle Hochstetler
ph: (260) 768-7863
fax: (260) 768-7861
0725N 840W
Shipshewana, IN 46565

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      We would like to see if you could wholesale some of your bird houses. Would you be interested in making some other toys etc.? you may Call us at 847 2345426 7am to 6pm CST OR mail to RALPH BECKER D/B/A LAKE BLUFF TRADERS 407 BIRCH AVE. UNIT B LAKE BLUFF, IL.60044

    2. Juanita Cook

      Would love to go there some day and see all the different bird houses. Love attracting birds to our back yard.

    3. There is a man in the Conewango Amish community that makes a similar buggy bird house. Bird houses and feeders are made at an outdoor furniture shop from the scape pieces of plastic lumber..”mess not.”

      Tom The Backroads Traveller

    4. Alice Mary

      I have a similar Amish-made (poly) suet holder, and love it. Although some critter (most likely one of our resident squirrels) has gnawed on it a little, it’s still in good shape after a little over a year. The colors hold up well, and I really like the idea that some of those plastic milk jugs I recycle can help the economy (& the Amish) by being made into useful items. Attracting & feeding birds (yes, and other critters) to my yard is my year-’round hobby. I hope to buy more Amish-made poly items this Spring (if it ever comes, that is!!)

      Oh, just wondering about the microwave in one of the linked photos–is it to heat up food, or does it have some use in the “manufacturing” process? (Ya never know!) 😉

      Alice Mary

      1. Hmmm Alice Mary…something I did not notice until you pointed it out. Is that a microwave? If I find out will let you know.

        1. ShipshewanaIndiana


          John did say it is a microwave. His son brought it home from the RV factory he worked in and told John he should keep it in the shop in case he wanted to warm up lunch. Microwaves and coffee makers are common in the RV factories, but you don’t typically see them in an Amish shop. This microwave “migrated.”

      2. ShipshewanaIndiana

        If you are asking about the white microwave sized object, it’s actually the top of John’s gas powered freezer. I assume he uses it for food storage.

    5. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Maybe I missed it, but which community is the for? The Amish themselves or we English?

      Not that anyone will miss me, but I’m not going to comment for a period of time because I am changing locations and won’t have a computer at home for a period of time, I’m not sure how long. I’ll probably peek into a library and read there but I don’t plan on replying much until the home access is restored and I am 70 percent settled after my move.
      Be well

      1. Have a successful move Shom, and thanks for mentioning–I was actually wondering about you the other day since hadn’t heard from you in awhile.

        I think a word got left out of your question, but if I got your meaning right I’m pretty sure John would have customers among both English and Amish, though I don’t know the %. Based on his comments on the linked page, sounds like they do good business from tourist visitors.

        Hope the move is as painless as possible!

        1. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

          Yes Erik, I’m sorry, I left out a couple of key words accidentially.
          I was, as you correctly guessed, wondering “Which community is this for..”
          Because I was and am typing in Notepad it doesn’t detect errors.
          Thanks for answering my question.

          I think my move should be done smoothly and quickly, I have a lot of my stuff over at the new place already, and I should be finished by the end of the day (the unpacking on the other hand..).
          It just sucks that I have a mild cold and its the middle of winter.

    6. Ivan M Gromling

      Bird houses

      Sure love all those bird houses but the one I love most is the
      buggy one wonder what they sell for? Do you know?

      1. ShipshewanaIndiana

        I don’t know how much the buggy birdhouse sells for but you can leave john a voicemail at 260-768-7863 and he will call you back with the price.

      2. Garrett Kozlowski

        amish buggy bird feeder

        I saw the Amish buggy bird feeder and I had to get it, now it sits in my room waiting for the Big move to Middlebury, Don’t get it wrong I love the feeder, but I already have 3 different feeders at my house in Lake county, now it decorates my room, it goes good with the Hoot I bought out there too.

        1. ShipshewanaIndiana


          Moving to middlebury? Congratulations. I wish you the best! We moved here 3 years ago from Illinois. Great community, always something to do here.


      Several years ago, in Shipshewanna we used to purchase cabinets from Reigseger Cabinets,Weaver Furniture and many other items for homes we used to build. Enjoyed the Birkys bed and breakfast( they raised sheep) and many others. Loved the Ice cream socials and so many other times with the Amish. I think some people think of them as strange, but if you understand their devotion to the bible,wanting to serve and worship God. Their honesty is amazing and many have a great sense of humor.Their life style amazes me.Their language is so close to German I can usually under stand them.
      Ralph Becker

    8. Garrett Kozlowski

      bird feedef

      I love the buggy, I,m going to Shipshee next week, I’m definitely going to get that!

      1. ShipshewanaIndiana

        In case you didn’t see his address on the photo page, it’s 0725 N 840 W, shipshewana; just west of the 5 & 20 intersection.

        1. garrett

          thanks Shipshewana

          I will stop at the 5 and 20 diner for lunch then get my feeder, I’ll be the only one on my block with the coolest looking feeder I forget i’m the only one who feeds the birds, so i will just have s cool feeder, ha ha ha.

    9. wholesale question

      I’m looking for a wholesale catalog if you have one. Our store sells a bit of Troyer and Walnut Creek. We are interested in some of your birdhouses. You can let us know. Thank you


        18472345426 FAX AND PHONE


      2. Lisa, if you give some kind of contact info, I can pass it right along to John for him to contact you. John has heard you want to get in touch and needs either your phone, fax or email to do so. Thanks.

      3. Linfda Redford

        Meadows Green Bird Houses

        We were in Shipshewana this week on a bus tour and I regret I didn’t purchase some of your bird houses for my family for Christmas gifts. I’ve looked on line but do not see all the ones I saw while there. I would like very much to purchase some of the colorful bird feeders.

        Looking forward to your response!

    10. Mike Elkins

      Hello John

      Good job on the marketing hope to see you soon, Mike & Susan

    11. caroline

      Thank You

      I would like to thank you for the quick response in getting my beautiful Amish Bird Feeder to me in NH. It is wonderful craftsmanship. As soon as Spring arrives and I can get the post in the ground, it will have a special place in my yard. Thank you again and I will be in touch with you again to order the buggy birdhouse. Until then, i wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2015.

      Caroline hatley

      1. Very nice to hear this Caroline. I’ll pass your message along to John & Anabelle.