Halifax County on the NC/VA border in southern Virginia is home to a tiny Amish community.  On my recent Amish trip I paid a brief visit.

Halifax County is one of just 4 Amish communities in Virginia.  If you missed it I shared some photos of one of the others here: Charlotte County, Virginia Amish.

The Halifax County community was founded in 2005, and is a single church district in size.  There are probably no more than a dozen Amish homes if that many.   The center seems to be a rural “intersection” or really just a fork in the road, with the school and many of the homes clustered nearby.

As in many other communities, Amish here operate a variety of businesses.  Halifax County is well off the beaten path, but the folks here seem to be getting by pretty well.

virginia amish buggy sign

Amish ahead

virginia amish home

Two Virginia homes–one for Amish, one for martins

virginia amish sheds

Amish-made sheds in Halifax County

virginia amish laundry

Laundry day in VA

virginia amish furniture

This home featured the business triple threat-Amish furniture, quilts,and brown eggs. I picked up a dozen.  Eggs, that is

virginia amish house

Good fences make good neighbors. Keep the horses in too

virginia amish horses

Taking a load off

virginia amish harness shop

Virginia Amish harness shop.  No doubt they do some business with English

virginia amish school

An Amish school, with a small solar panel on the roof.  A good day for catching some rays


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