Walking into the auction with the day growing long and things winding down, I knew exactly what I was looking for. When I spotted a stand with baked goods, I beelined over.

The stand owner had set up under the porch of one of the farmhouses on the auction property, there in the Ethridge, Tennessee Amish community. I went right to scanning the plentiful items on offer.

The middle-aged Amish lady running the stand made a friendly comment or two, and began suggesting items here and there. She wasn’t pushy, but I could tell she probably sold less than she had hoped for that day.

Her shelves – with baked goods, candies and canned goods – seemed more laden than you’d expect at the end of a large event like this sale.

Things became clear as she began offering discounts (especially on the perishable items), and suggesting some of the baked goods like fry pies could be frozen for later.

I ended up taking her up on a number of them, and left with a pretty decent haul – about $35 worth – some of which you can see in these photos.

I ended up speaking with Mary for a little while. As I was getting ready to go, she scrawled her address on a piece of paper for me. I told her I’d pass it on to people I know, without explaining this website.

Mary Mast
99 Oaks Road
Ethridge, TN 38456
Baked goods, canned goods plus more

It has been seven years since Mary lost her husband. It is still hard, she admitted. Sounded like she had children still at home. We didn’t talk for too long, but I got the sense of a warm person, who could maybe do for a break.

We swung by Mary’s address on the way out to get a look at her shop.

The photos are not great, but this gives you an idea. It looks like any other humble Amish place selling products in this community. Here’s the best photo I got of her roadside signs:

I had wanted to tell you about Mary’s business sooner, but didn’t get to it before the latest events. The Amish in this community have been informed about the coronavirus situation. As far as I know, things are not shut down there.

I’ve already posted on the 57+ Amish businesses you can visit at Ethridge. Many of them overlap, as to the types of things they sell.

If you do visit Ethridge – and I recommend it – I suggest stopping in at multiple businesses. Try to make Mary’s one of them, if you can. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Amish-made cheese

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