A few quick photos from the Amish settlement in Charlotte County, Virginia.  This is a small community of just one church district.  Amish here drive Lancaster County grey buggies.

Have been having a great visit (am currently in Lancaster County, and visiting PA Dutch markets around Philadelphia today), though internet is pretty scarce!

amish virginia sign


A Virginia Amish buggy sign. No word if “Rudolph” is a popular name for horses in this community.

virginia amish mailbox
Snail mail.

amish greenhouse virginia
In the winter months Amish produce farmers start their plants off in greenhouses like this one.

virginia amish farm
Dairy farming and sawmills are common among Amish in Charlotte County, VA.

virginia amish phone shanty
An Amish phone shanty at the end of a lane.

I haven’t found a phone shanty with wi-fi yet, so had to use Barnes and Noble’s to be able to post this–although I should say I did just charge my cell phone on my host’s sons’ “clandestine” cell phone charging station in a tiny basement closet!


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