Bill Coleman “Three Quilts” photo giveaway

We’ve got our second Bill Coleman photo giveaway today.  Last week’s “Sarah’s Wedding” was won by Allyson L., who has been contacted already.  Congrats to Allyson.

Bill Coleman Three Quilts Giveaway

Today’s matted image of three Amish quilts is in a slightly different square size format (13″ x 15″) which you can see above.  Bill observes that “The Amish are certainly not afraid of color, especially when it comes to their quilts.  These antique beauties are all the more vibrant hanging against a backdrop of fresh snow.”  Here’s a larger shot of a portion of the image:

Three Amish Quilts Bill Coleman

To enter this contest, simply go to the contest page at and enter your email.  Even if you already entered the first contest, please re-enter to be counted for this one.

For an additional chance to win, share this contest on Facebook or on your own site, and let me know you did by emailing me at  That will give you an extra entry.

Just a note that this and further contests will be limited to U.S. entrants only.  I’ve also closed comments on this post to re-emphasize that entries need to be made at and not here in the comments (unlike most of our previous giveaways) 😉

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